Iranian Handicrafts on Display at Malaysian Exhibit

TEHRAN – A wide range of Iranian handicrafts such as woodworks, illuminated manuscripts, as well as hand-woven carpets and rugs are on show at the 2nd Kuala Lumpur International Craft Festival (KLICF).

Of Iran’s three stalls, one is run by the cultural attaché office in Kuala Lumpur and two by the private sector, IRNA reported on Thursday.

In a speech during the opening ceremony of the exhibition, KLICF Director Zuraida Othman expressed hope that the exhibit would attract some 30,000 local and international visitors.

A total of 450 artisans and entrepreneurs from about 30 countries have come together in the four-day event, which started on November 24.

Amongst the participating countries are Argentina, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ghana, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Uzbekistan.

Organized by Malaysian Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the exhibit also includes food sales, local-band performances and other interactive sections.

With “Crafts Unite People” as its theme, the exhibit conveys the message that handicrafts can lay the groundwork for further understanding and tolerance in the global community.

Over the past couple of years, dozens of Iranian handicrafts have gained the UNESCO Seal of Excellence. For instance, in 2010, a total of 65 handicrafts on various themes including enamel, tile, metalwork, leatherwork, wood carving received the privilege.



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