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18:35 h
We Love how amazing doctor Matta and his staff are! They always follow up with us and call to remind us about our appointments. For me its all about convenience and they are always flexible to fit time around my schedule! If Zoey needed to see him same day they make time. To some it up, Pediatrics for you go ABOVE AND BEYOND for their patients!
5 star rating from us!

lindsay strasser
16:18 h

The accessibility to Dr Matta is worth a million bucks! We have never had any issues getting our kids in when they need to see him and have always felt very confident in his care. He has a very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I would (and do)recommend this office to anyone looking for a pediatrician.

Ken Lane
14:43 h

Great service from the staff, the Dr's recommendation for our new born were right on the mark. Thank you very much Dr. Matta. The Lane family.

the Inslee's
00:39 h

Thank You!! Dr. Matta and his staff are the best. You never wait long, you always talk directly with the nurse or doctor. Dr. Matta goes above and beyond for every patient, making us all feel good knowing we have such a great person caring for our children.

18:31 h

I couldn't be more pleased with the service and care Dr. Matta provides to my son. His office is always able to get us seen in times of need. He takes special time with his patience and remembers what matters. Thank you so much for being more than just a trusted doctor!

Doss Family
16:32 h

Unfortunately, due to our son's frequent illnesses, we have earned our frequent-flyer-miles at Dr Matta's office. However, we are so very glad that we can bring our son to Dr Matta and his staff. Each of them is always very friendly, professional and patience. Dr Matta's willingness to work with us, as parents is instilling confidence as well as the fact that he always takes an active approach in treating and referring our son. On top of it all: When we call with a problem, we get to speak to him even when we would have been satisfied with a relayed message through his nurses. Despite the fact that we rather had no need for Pediatric's for You, we are glad that they are here for us!

Sara Clark
14:18 h

I am so happy to have been informed of Dr. Matta! I was so stressed with my newborn who was diagnosed with GERD, and quite a few other little issues. Dr. Matta has always been calm and reassuring which is what I need. He listens and makes decisions with you. It feels so nice to know that I can trust his word. He was great with my three year old too! He had a hard time switching to a new Dr. My son and my baby love him! Of course it wouldn't be a complete circle of support without Tara and Ramona! They are SUPER! Thanks so much for loving my kidos!
Sara Clark

Nikki Walter
11:50 h

Dr. Matta is one of the best pediatricians I have ever taken my children to! Unfortunetly with alot of pediatricians I have come accross, my children just seemed like another job, but Dr. Matta actually cares about the kids he treats. He is very on top of things! His nurse Tara is awsome as well. My kids are never affraid to go to the doctor, they are comfortable with thair ped, and for a child that is important! So Thank you Dr. Matta, Tara, and Romona... You all are very awsome people, Lucky to have found you!

Karren Garton
13:25 h

Dr. Matta and Staff, Thank you so much for the ongoing care of our 14 year old daughter. After 11 days in Kadlec, it was wonderful to find such a loving and caring pediatrician for our daughter Molli. You got her into the office when we NEEDED you. You have shown your kindness and incredible knowledge through your ongoing treatment of Molli's Mono ~~ You never take a parent's concern lightly, and treat our daughter with great respect for her privacy and needs as well. You have a Godly touch, and we appreciate you and your staff very much. Warmly, Karren Garton and Molli too!

Amanda Jacobs
11:46 h

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for letting me come into work for your practice. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can in the PEDS area. Again, thanks for the opportunity. AND better yet, Thank you for taking such good care when I bring my Aubrey in... she just loves you, even though she dont like shots much, it keeps her healthy. And I am thankful for everything you do for her.

Melanie galvan
09:58 h

Dr. Matta is truly one of the most knowledgable doctor's I've ever had the pleasure of taking my kids to. I used to work with a family practice clinic in the same area as Dr.Matta used to practice, and when our doctors needed specialized care for thier pediatric patients, he is always who they would refer our patients to.

Teresa Everingham
14:33 h

Excellent physician. Very caring and personable. The office staff is top notch. We couldn't have asked for a better Pediatrician for our first son. Thank you Dr. Matta!

Sara Clark
16:20 h

I am happy that my children have you as their pediatrician! What a great team!

16:18 h

The service was great! Thanks!

tammy steindorf
19:28 h

dr.matta i wanted to thank you for getting my son in so quick and the kind and friendly staff you have when he need to be seen you came to the rescure thanks you so much i will recomened you to other familys

Krystal D. Jenson
18:59 h

Dr. Matta is sooo awesome with my children-I would recommend him to other parents for their children to come and see for any medical issues they may have. He is the best pediatrician I have found here in the tri-cities.

Dana Fox CMA
14:21 h

Dr. Matta, Congratulations on your new facility. I know that you will continue to do well at your new location. Your ability to care for children is truly a gift. Dana

sangeeta verma(India)
15:00 h

Dr. Shakti Matta,you saved life of my child years ago.No amount of thanks can express my gratitude.Just keep on doing the good work by the golden hands God has given you.

Karisa Ciolli
23:58 h

I could not be happier with Dr. Matta and his entire staff. We were greeted with smiles and warmth by the receptionist and the office was very clean and orderly. The medical assistant Heather was great. She was very sweet and warm to my son and was wonderful with his shots. Dr. Matta was easy to talk to, did an excellent job answering all of my questions, and I really appreciated the time he spent with us. He was very gentle and kind on top of being extremely knowledgeable. I couldn't be happier with our visit and would reccommend Pediatrics For You to anyone with small children. I look forward to Dr. Matta and his staff caring for my son for years to come. Thank you so much to everyone there.

Susan Peters
17:52 h

Dr. Matta & Shelly,
It was nice visiting with you today. You have a wonderful facility and have a lot to offer Richland and the surrounding communities. Good luck and I will talk to you soon.
Kind Regards,

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