University Health Lakewood Medical Center: Nursing Home Overview (2022)

Registered Staff Hours

Medical Staff Hours Per Patient (2021)















On top of receiving a strong overall grade, this facility fared well in long-term care. We awarded it an A for that category, which is one of our highest scores. For residents looking for a permanent place to live rather than skilled nursing, long-term care grades are an important measure. On top of assessing the volume of care provided by nurses and other staff, we analyzed the number of residents vaccinated against pneumonia. This facility administered the vaccine to 90.56604 percent of its patients. This is somewhat lower than we were hoping for but still a reasonably acceptable figure. Clearly, this facility is doing something right in this area as it was able to keep its patients out of the hospital. In fact, it had less than one hospitalization per 1,000 long-term resident days, which is a remarkably low figure.

Facility Inspections

Grade: B-plus

Adding to its impressive profile, this facility also performed well in the category of inspections. In fact, it earned a nearly flawless government inspection report this year. As a result, it earned one of our highest grades in that area with an B+. We take several aspects of a facility's inspection report into consideration in determining our inspection scores. One key factor is deficiencies. It should be noted that the severity of the deficiencies is arguably more meaningful than the quantity of deficiencies, as some of these are quite insignificant. This particular nursing home received 2 deficiencies on its inspection report. Finally, this facility had no substantiated complaints this year from residents, which is an excellent sign.

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Short-term Care Quality

Grade: B-minus

This nursing home's next most favorable category is its short-term care grade, where it received a B-. Our short-term care scores are considered to be most critical for individuals requiring a nursing home for rehabilitation. Rehabilitation usually utilizes more highly-skilled nursing. Skilled nursing means not just nursing services, but also physical and speech therapy, as well as other variations of therapy. We weren't able to locate information about this nursing home's registered nurse or physical therapy staffing. The final statistic we assessed in this area is the percentage of patients that ultimately returned home from the facility. We found that just 0 percent of this nursing home's residents returned home.

Nurse Quality

Grade: C

Our last area is nursing, in which we gave this nursing home a grade of C in that category. Our nursing score is based on several components, however, the primary consideration is the level of nurse hours spent with patients. This particular facility provided just 0.4 hours of nursing care per patient each day. This figure is far below the national average. Despite having low quantities of nursing care, this nursing home actually fared better in some of the quality measures we looked at. It scored well in terms of minimizing its residents' pressure ulcers and major falls.

Rating Over Time

Compared to national and state averages across all facilities.

University Health Lakewood Medical Center Quality Metrics

Minimizes Pressure Ulcers

Grade: B-minus

In University Health Lakewood Medical Center, 9.28% of Patients had Pressure Ulcers

This indicates the percentage of patients who have had a pressure ulcer. Pressure ulcers are skin damage due to staying in the same position for too long.

Minimizes Serious Falls

Grade: D

In University Health Lakewood Medical Center, 3.89% of Patients had Serious Falls

This indicates the percentage of residents who have had a major fall. Falls resulting in major injuries are routinely linked to lower levels of patient supervision. Better nursing care can minimize the percentage of residents in a nursing home who sustain major falls.

Minimizes Urinary Tract Infections

Grade: C

In University Health Lakewood Medical Center, 3.39% of Patients had UTIs

This tells you the percentage of residents who suffered from a urinary tract infection. UTI's are routinely linked to facilities with worst hygiene practices. Better hygiene protocols can limit the number likelihood of residents sustaining infections. Note that this metric is sometimes skewed by the fact that facilities have incongruent reporting standards for urinary tract infections.

Appropriately Uses Anti-Psychotic Medication

Grade: B-minus

In University Health Lakewood Medical Center, 20.47% of Patients use Anti-Psychotic Medication

This tells you the percentage of residents who were given antipsychotic drugs. While antipsychotic medications may be vital to many residents, it is important to confirm these medications are being used only where medically required. In some cases, high levels of antipsychotic drug use may mean a nursing home is using these medications to control patient behavior.

Appropriately Uses Anti-Anxiety Medication

Grade: A

In University Health Lakewood Medical Center, 24.32% of Patients use Anti-Anxiety Medication

This is the percent of residents prescribed antianxiety medications. These drugs are given to residents suffering from depression or anxiety.

Managing Depression Among Residents

Grade: A

In University Health Lakewood Medical Center, 4.19% of Patients

This is a measure of the percent of long-term residents who are showing signs of depression. Some experts would argue that this is a measure of quality of life.

Appropriate Vaccine Usage

Grade: C

In University Health Lakewood Medical Center, 88.53% of Patients

This datapoint is a measure of the percentage of long-term stay patients who received the flu and pneumonia vaccines.

Residents Maintain Autonomy

Grade: A-plus

In University Health Lakewood Medical Center, 14.79% Percentage of Patients

This metric measures the percent of long-term stay residents who required more assistance with activities of daily living over time. ADL's include activities such as getting dressed and eating. Many believe this is a reasonable measure of a resident's well-being.

Ability to Keep Residents Mobile

Grade: F

In University Health Lakewood Medical Center, 14.68% Percentage of Residents

This is the percent of residents that were able to retain mobility over time. Retaining mobility is often a good sign for residents' well-being.


Grade: C

In University Health Lakewood Medical Center, 1.7 Hospitalizations per 1,000 resident days

This datapoint is a measure of the number of times residents are hospitalized per thousand days of patient care.

Short-term Care: Rehospitalizations

Grade: A-plus

In University Health Lakewood Medical Center, 14.68 Percentage of Residents Rehospitalized

This tells you the number of times residents are rehospitalized per 1,000 days of short-term patient care. There is a correlation between keeping patients out of the hospital and the quality of rehabilitation services.

Scores for Kansas City, MO

  • Overall Rating has a grade of B-minus

    Avg. Overall Rating

  • Nurse Rating has a grade of B-minus

    Avg. Nurse Rating

  • Long-term Care Rating has a grade of B-minus

    Avg. Long-term Care Rating

  • Short-term Care Rating has a grade of B-minus

    Avg. Short-term Care Rating

  • Inspection Rating has a grade of B

    Avg. Inspection Rating

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