TOP 10 Jobs Near Me in Palm Desert, CA Hiring Now! (Dec, 2022) (2023)

Hiring now near Palm Desert:

Nanny Needed For 5 Month Old Infant In Palm Desert Beginning In...Full Time • $15 – 26/hr • Starts12/20 • Palm Desert, CAHi! We are looking for a kind, honest and responsible nanny for our son who will be approximately 5 months old in December. I work from home. Our family thrives on routine, and we like to keep things tidy. We try to get outdoors and exercise regularly.
Seeking Part-time Senior Care Provider - I need a senior care pr...Part Time • $14 – 24/hr • Starts12/05 • Palm Desert, CAI need a senior care provider with experience. of the following. Our care concerns are: Medication Prompting, Help Staying Physically Active, Bathing , Meal Preparation, Companionship, Errands / Shopping, We might ask you to run errands now and then. You'll be responsible for transporting to/from appointments.My mom has dementia and is recovering from a broken hip. She has been very active in the past year until this unfortunate injury. She needs help and physical/mental stimulation as she still wants to be productive even with this hip ailment. She is 92.
Babysitter And Transportation Needed - Need a sitter for mornin...Part Time • $13 – 20/hr • Starts12/10 • Palm Desert, CANeed a sitter for mornings 530 a.m. until drop off at school at 7:30 a.m. Mon Tues Wed FriMy schedule work time starts at 6 a.m.
Assistance Needed In Palm Desert. - I need help with General Err...Full Time • $14 – 25/hr • Starts12/07 • Palm Desert, CAI need help with General Errands, Shopping. My ideal assistant has own transportation.

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Babysitter Needed For My Children - 2 little girls that love to...One Time • $15 – 20/hr • Starts12/17 • Palm Desert, CA2 little girls that love to sing, dance, color and play. May need to hand out snacks, prep easy meals, and put to bed.
Seeking Senior Care Provider - companionshipOne Time • $20 – 50/hr • Starts12/06 • Palm Desert, CAAbout who needs care: companionship
Sitter Needed For 1 Cat - Blair is a very shy female cat. She is...Part Time • $14 – 18/hr • Starts12/21 • Palm Desert, CABlair is a very shy female cat. She is very sweet but will not come out of hiding unless she is comfortable with you. Her toys are very important and I would love if you could keep them out in the open for her.
Boarding Needed For 1 Dog - small 7 lb dog. loves everyone and a...Part Time • $14 – 22/hr • Starts12/08 • Palm Desert, CAsmall 7 lb dog. loves everyone and also other dogs
Looking For A Pet Sitter For 1 Dog - We need a sitter mainly for...Part Time • $14 – 22/hr • Starts12/03 • Palm Desert, CAWe need a sitter mainly for trips and the occasional single day overnight. Tucker is a 3-year-old Yorky. Specifically December 18 at this point. We would like to find a date prior to that as a trial run overnight

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Companion Care Needed For My Mother - Seeking companion care nea...Part Time • $18 – 22/hr • Starts12/19 • Palm Desert, CASeeking companion care near Palm Desert for my mother in her 80s. This is for night shift, 9PM-7AM, Monday - Thursday. Medication management is required, need help reminding patient. Some help needed with nighttime hygiene, such as brushing teeth and washing face, using the toilet. Please have experience assisting with feeding, mostly snacks at night or a cup of tea before bed. Patient gets up in the middle of the night to use bathroom and will need assistance with that.Looking for a caring and compassionate companion. Preferences for a caregiver who is a non-smoker and CPR / first aid trained.
Nanny Needed For 1 Child In Palm Desert. - Looking for someone t...Full Time • $15 – 18/hr • Starts01/03 • Palm Desert, CALooking for someone to watch our 17-month-old baby boy. Mother works from home but needs to make sure the baby is occupied throughout the day father works retails of his schedule varies which would make the nanny schedule vary. Would be able to give schedule two weeks to three weeks in advance.
Seeking Part-time Senior Care Provider - My father is 88, partia...Part Time • $14 – 17/hr • Starts12/02 • Palm Desert, CAMy father is 88, partially blind, but still mobile but can use some help getting to once a week. I need senior care provider with experience. Our care concerns are: Errands / Shopping, Transportation. Part of your responsibilities will include running errands. Duties include transportation (doctor's appointments, errands, etc.).
Seeking Full-time Senior Care Provider - Breakfast watching TV i...Full Time • $19 – 30/hr • Starts11/30 • Palm Desert, CAAbout who needs care: Breakfast watching TV in the family room take blood pressure give her blood pressure medicine mid morning snack. Lunch, TV, check to see if she needs help to go to the bathrm in wheelchair, afternoon snack, TV, dinner, watch TV til bedtime about 10:00 sometime earlier or later. She sleeps well no pain eats well needs help to bed needs help changing. Clothes. She does eat, change her underwear, uses. Wheelchair on her own if she needs help she will ask she likes coffee first and then hot tea the rest of the dayAbout the care needs: No special needs other than taking her blood pressure and giving her pillsServices needed include: feeding, and bathing / dressing.
House Cleaner For A rental - Searching for a great house cleaner...Full Time • $30 – 35/hr • Starts12/15 • Palm Desert, CASearching for a great house cleaner. We provide access to an electronic calendar, to allow you to see when guests are arriving and checking out. We provide supplies and extra set of linens, to allow you to take the linens with you and bring back clean for the next guest. We pay a flat fee for the cleaning and it usually takes 1. 5 hours (averaging between $120 - $135). We have been averaging a guest a week, but stays seem to be longer during season. We purchase supplies as you tell us they are needed and a checklist for cleaning and what we expect our guests to complete. If extra cleaning is needed, we will pay for the extra time (this has only happened a handful of times in 4 years). The entire house is tile floor with a couple rugs requiring vacuuming.

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Nanny Needed For My Children In Palm Desert. - We are looking fo...Part Time • $14 – 25/hr • Starts03/01 • Palm Desert, CAWe are looking for a great nanny for 1 child in Palm Desert. We would prefer someone who could help out with light housekeeping and homework help.
Companion Care Needed For My Mother - My mother needs assistance...Part Time • $20 – 25/hr • Starts11/27 • Palm Desert, CAAbout who needs care: My mother needs assistance with some errands like going to the grocery store, taking a garbage can to the curb, and very light straightening of her house. She is independent but a bit forgettable. If the person understands a computer, it is a plus.About the care needs: Patient, compassionate, likes to play card games . HonestServices needed include: meal preparation, errands / shopping, light housekeeping, and companionship.
Loving Home! Needing Part Time Nanny! - This is a very flexible...Part Time • $20 – 25/hr • Starts11/26 • Palm Desert, CAThis is a very flexible job. I'm looking for a very part time (12-15 hours a week)nanny for my son. He's on the autism spectrum, very high functioning. He is super sweet and very loving. I'm looking for someone very attentive because he does move fast! Must love dogs. We have one who also requires love and attention. I work from home mostly.
Looking For A Dependable House Cleaner For Family Living In Palm...Part Time • $22 – 40/hr • Starts11/28 • Palm Desert, CA3 bedroom, 3 bath condo, would like to continue service on as needed basis after first couple weeks. Most likely once or twice a month year around.
Looking For A Dependable House Keeper For Family Living - housek...Part Time • $29 – 30/hr • Starts11/29 • Palm Desert, CAhousekeeping
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