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With the recent release of the film in the UK, here’s everything that we know about who is the Spider-Man No Way Home main villain. Ordinarily, these things are fairly cut and tried, but with the third main film for Tom Holland as Peter Parker there are five villains in totals (with more contenders teased with more details below), but the question is which one of them is going to be the ultimate threat to the Web Slinger.

As you might expect, it’s impossible to go into the details for the main villain without talking about the story, so if you don’t actually want to know more about the big bad guy, don’t go any further. Marvel may well have thrown in a curve ball or two, which we’ll talk about in the section at the bottom of the page, but if you want to stay spoiler free then this is the final warning.


Overly cagey precautions aside, it’s time to get into the details, but with five confirmed villains in play it’s easy to just assume that it’s going to be a Royal Rumble of a film with the winner taking all. However, that’s not necessarily the case, although, in all fairness there is a lot of action from all of them, so the real question is which one is it going to be, or is there room for mystery villains to step into the fray at the last minute?

Who is most likely to be the main villain?

Prior to watching the film, we knew for sure that Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Green Goblin, Lizard and Electro were all going to be brought into the MCU thanks to Doctor Strange’s spell that Peter Parker interrupts. Stephen seems adamant that it’s Spider-Man’s fault, but honestly he’s a school kid and Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme, so the blame for anything that goes wrong really should be at the feet of the cloaked magician.


However, this is not a feature on who’s fault it is, so let’s get back to the facts. The biggest of these came in the villain interview with Alfred Molina, Jamie Foxx and Willem Defoe, which you can watch in full below. The key point is the amount of deference Molina and Foxx pay to Defoe and the Green Goblin, which makes it sound as though he’s going to be the main bad guy.

They also talk about Norman having a certain philosophy that drives him and the way they were talking seems to indicate that there’s something to this. It’s almost as though they’re drawn to his way of thinking too, or that they respect it or they can see why he might have a point, so it was going to be interesting to see how this comes together when No Way Home lands on the big screen on the 15th December in the UK (17th in North America).


With this in mind, and everything we know about all of the villains, it seemed logical that Green Goblin would go on to be the main villain with the other villains persuaded by his philosophy. Although, the trailer and other details seemed to indicate that there might be a couple of the bad guys with different allegiances, so it would be more of a team versus team deal by the end of the film, especially with the rumors about the ultimate consequences of the multiverse.

You can see in the trailer that Doctor Octopus starts out antagonistic, but then goes on to be conversational with the MCU Spider-Man, so it seemed unlikely that he’ll be the main villain or even a part of the bad guy team. We also know from the Sam Raimi films that Sandman has a slightly less malignant intent than some of the others and was just trying to help his daughter, so again it’s unlikely that he’ll actually be marching to the same drum as Green Goblin and the rest.

Lizard seemed like a lesser character than the rest and Rhys Ifans wasn’t part of the villain interview, so we’re kind of assuming he’s along for the ride of destruction for some reason. Jamie Foxx was in the interview and talked a lot about Electro looking cooler, but there was nothing to indicate that he might challenge Green Goblin for supremacy and the trailer tells a similar story.

With the info about Norman Osborne having a big picture plan and through the process of elimination, it seemed as though Green Goblin is going to be the most likely main bad guy for Spider-Man to take down. With the film now out on the big screen we can now confirm that to be the case, so we’re taking this as another theory we got bang on the money.

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Was there room for a sixth or seventh villain

Spider-Man Far From Home is already jam packed with baddies, but they don’t call it the Sinister Six for nothing. Having five of them pointed to the possibility of yet another appearing either from another reality or from within the MCU. The original comic book Sinister Six consisted of Doctor Octopus as the leader with Vulture, Electro, Mysterio, Sandman and Kraven the Hunter, but it changed a lot over the years to switch in Hobgoblin, Venom, Lizard and Rhino.

We already know from the Venom: Let There Be Carnage mid-credits scene that Brock and Venom have been transported to the MCU, so it was possible that he might complete a symbolic Sinister Six just to make up the numbers. However, we also found out that the alien symbiotes know about the multiverse, so it was also possible that another one of them comes through and Brock and Venom will have to join the fight to help defeat it.


If that were the case, then it was possible that Green Goblin will be the main villain, but when a big bad alien symbiote appears and bonds with him they become seemingly unstoppable. In this scenario that duo would be the ultimate enemy for Spider-Man to take down. However, as it turns out, the crossover was covered in a mid-credits scene in No Way Home and it looks like it’s all going to lead up to the 4th film with a new MCU Venom taking the fight to New York City.

Finally, there was scope within the concept of the multiverse, or just some other convoluted plan by the MCU Mysterio to give him a resurgence and the recent release of new No Way Home toys featuring Mysterio, Nick Fury and Vulture pointed to that being a possibility. The Lego sets also hinted at Nick Fury and Vulture getting in on the action, so all bets were off, but these seem to be more of a throwback to far From Home and don’t actually feature in the film itself.

Spider-Man No Way Home arrived on the big screen on the 15th December 2021 in the UK (17th in North America), so we now know a great deal more about the main villain. As a result, we’ve updated things here, but with a massive disclaimer about not reading that section if you haven’t seen it yet.

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