Registered providers of social housing – updated monthly (2023)

  1. List updated with registrations and de-registrations to 12 October 2022.

  2. There were no new registrations or de-registrations this month, but the register spreadsheet and accessible HTML have been updated to 9 September 2022.

  3. List of registrations and de-registrations updated as of 12 August 2022

  4. Register updated as of 8 July 2022

  5. List updated with new registrations (no de-registrations) as of 14 June.

  6. List updated as of 16 May 2022

  7. Updated list of registered providers – 14 April 2022Updated registrations and de-registrations 2022

  8. Registrations and deregistrations updated as of 11 March 2022.

  9. List updated as of 16.02.22

  10. Register updated as of 14 January 2022. New HTML added for 2022. December registrations and de-registrations have been added to the 2021 HTML.

  11. Registrations and deregistrations updated as of 15/12/21

  12. List of registrations and de-registrations updated as of 11/11/21

  13. List of registrations/deregistrations updated as of 18 October.

  14. List updated as of 10 September 2021

  15. List of registrations and de-registrations updated as of 12 August 2021.

  16. List updated as of 30 June 2021.

  17. List updated 2 June 2021.

  18. Registrations list updated as of 21 April 2021

  19. Registrations and de-registrations list updated as of 23 March 2021.

  20. Registrations and de-registrations updated as of 23/2/21

  21. List updated 20/1/21.

  22. List updated as of 16 December 2020.

  23. Register updated as of 16/11/20.

  24. List updated as of 12/10/20

  25. List updated as of 16 September 2020

  26. Information updated as of 13/8/20

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  27. List updated.

  28. List updated as of 16 June 2020.

  29. List updated 7/5/20

  30. List updated as of 9 April 2020

  31. Latest list of registrations and deregistrations of social housing providers added

  32. January 2020 information added

  33. December 2019 registrations and de-registrations added

  34. List of registered providers updated 25 November 2019.

  35. List updated as of 18 October 2019

  36. List updated with additions and removals 10 September 2019

  37. List updated as of 9 August 2019

  38. July 2019 updated list added.

  39. June 2019 information added

  40. List of current registered providers and de-registrations updated.

  41. Current lists of registered providers updated.

  42. List updated for February 2019

  43. List updated - January 2019

  44. List of registrations and de-registrations updated.

  45. Monthly update of registrations and deregistrations.

  46. List updated as of 23rd August 2018

  47. List of registered providers and de-registrations updated.

  48. List of provider registrations and de-registrations updated.

  49. List of registered providers and de-registrations updated.

  50. List of registered providers and latest registrations/de-registrations updated (5 March 2018).

  51. List of registered providers updated (13 February 2018).

  52. Registrations and de-registrations updated (22 December 2017).

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  53. List of registered providers updated (1 December 2017).

  54. List of registered providers and de-registrations updated (17 November 2017)

  55. List of Registered Providers updated (2 Oct 2017)

  56. Additions made to list of Register of Providers of social housing Sep 2017.

  57. Deregistration list updated (14 September 2017)

  58. List of registered providers as of 1 Sep 2017 added.

  59. Registration and de-registration list updated (24 August 2017).

  60. Registered provider list updated (1 August 2017)

  61. Updated list of registered providers as of 1 July (17 July 2017).

  62. Reg document updated.

  63. Registration lists updated (16 June 2017)

  64. Registration and de-registration lists updated (19 April 2017)

  65. New registrations added (7 April 2017).

  66. List of registered providers and de-registrations updated (4 April 2017)

  67. Registered provider added to Registrations and deregistrations list (30 March 2017).

  68. De-registrations list updated (14 March 2017)

  69. Provider added to de-registration list (8 March 2017).

  70. Lists of registered providers and de-registrations updated (6 March 2017).

  71. List of registered providers updated (1 February 2017)

  72. Registrations and de-registrations list updated (1 February 2017)

  73. A provider added to the registration list (20 Jan 2017)

  74. Current registered providers list updated (3 January 2017)

  75. Registrations and de-registrations updated (22 December 2016).

  76. Current registered and de-registered providers updated (1 December 2016).

  77. Latest registrations added (17 November 2016).

  78. Latest list of registered social housing providers, registrations and deregistrations published (2 November 2016).

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  79. Lists of registered providers and deregistrations updated at 1 October 2016.

  80. Removed provider for August.

  81. Added list of registered providers as at 1 September 2016

  82. Added the new registrations and de registrations

  83. Added a registration

  84. Added the August removals.

  85. List of registered providers as at 1 August 2016 added, and added the current removals for July 2016.

  86. Added the current removals for June 2016

  87. Updated registered providers list for July 2016 and deregistrations for June.

  88. Added registrations for June 2016.

  89. List of registered providers as at 1 June 2016 added.

  90. Removed provider

  91. Added new updated RP's list.

  92. Added new details of de registrations.

  93. April 2016 de-registrations added.

  94. Removed providers from the RP list (April).

  95. Latest table of registered providers, as at 31 March 2016

  96. March update

  97. List as at 1 March 2016 added

  98. February 2016 updates.

  99. Registered providers as at 2 February 2016

  100. January registrations and de-registrations added.

  101. December 2015 registered providers added.

  102. November updates to removals and additions tables.

  103. Abbeyfield Orpington Society Limited removed from list of RPs

  104. List of registered providers as at 2 November 2015.

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  105. October de-registrations updated.

  106. October 2015 lists added.

  107. Current list of RPs as at 7 September 2015

  108. List of registered providers as at 3 August 2015 added.

  109. Further July de-registrations added.

  110. July registrations and de-registrations added.

  111. List of current registered providers as a 1 July 2015

  112. Registrations and de-registrations for June

  113. List of registered providers as at 1 June 2015 added.

  114. May's registrations and de-registrations

  115. List of registered providers as at 1 May 2015

  116. New registration added.

  117. April's registrations and de-registrations.

  118. New registrants added.

  119. List of providers as at 1 April 2015

  120. New removals from the register.

  121. March registrations

  122. 3 new providers registered.

  123. List of registered providers updated for March 2015

  124. New registration - Beer Community Land Trust Limited

  125. January list of current registered providers added.

  126. Bristol CLT Limited registered.

  127. Goodwin Development Trust registered.

  128. Current list of providers as at 3 December 2014

  129. Lists of registered providers of social housing plus new registrations and deregistrations, for November 2014

  130. First published.

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What are registered providers of social housing? ›

Housing associations (also known as Registered Providers (RPs) are organisations that are run independently from councils. They are the main developers of new homes in the social housing sector and provide housing for people.

How many social housing providers are there in the UK? ›

On 31 March 2021 there were 1,624 providers registered with us. Of these, 213 were local authorities (LARPs) and 1,411 were private providers (PRPs). For more information on our registration processes please see our website.

Who are the largest social housing providers UK? ›

What is the biggest housing association in the UK? The biggest housing association in the UK is Clarion Housing. Clarion manages 125,000 dwellings, while the second-largest is L&Q, with 95,000.

Who regulates registered providers of social housing? ›

Registered social housing providers in England are regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing.

What is an RP in social housing? ›

Almost all social. housing is now provided. by a Registered Provider. (RP) which you may know. as a Housing Association.

How are registered providers funded? ›

The Support to Become a Registered Provider/Investment Partner Programme is funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) through the Community Housing Fund.

What is a registered provider UK? ›

The HRA 2008 also sets out the statutory framework within which the regulator must operate. This framework enables the regulator to register and regulate providers of social housing. Providers of social housing registered with the regulator are known as 'registered providers'. Only registered providers are regulated.

Who are the main providers of housing in the UK? ›

Housing associations are the main provider of supported housing in England, with 300,000 homes for older people and more than 115,000 homes for people who need extra support. Find out more about supported and specialist housing.

Who is the biggest housing association in England? ›

Clarion Housing Group

What is the highest band in social housing? ›

Priority Bandings
  • Band A – for households with an urgent need to move.
  • Band B – for households with a high priority to move.
  • Band C – for households with an identified housing need.
  • Band D – for households with no other housing need but interested in affordable social housing and Homebuy.

Who is the biggest landlord in the UK? ›

Ascending the throne in September 2022, King Charles now owns the Duchy of Lancaster, which comprises 45,670 acres of land across rural estates in England and Wales. The new monarch also inherited Balmoral Castle, which comes with around 49,430 acres, and owns Sandringham House, which boasts around 20,000 acres.

Who is highest priority for council housing? ›

Applicants who will receive higher priority for housing: People whose current housing has a serious negative impact on their health. People who are living in severely overcrowded housing. People who are homeless as a result of domestic abuse.

What replaced the Housing Corporation? ›

The Housing Corporation was the non-departmental public body that funded new affordable housing and regulated housing associations in England. It was abolished in 2008 with its responsibilities being split between the Homes and Communities Agency and the Tenant Services Authority.

Who is the main provider of social housing in Ireland? ›

Local authorities are the main providers of social housing for people who cannot afford to buy a home or rent accommodation privately. Local authority housing is allocated according to eligibility and need. Rents are based on the household's ability to pay.

What is the current housing legislation UK? ›

The Social Housing Regulation Bill (HL Bill 21 of 2022-23) had its first reading in the House of Lords on 8 June 2022. The Bill is intended to improve the regulation of social housing, strengthen social tenants' rights and ensure better quality, safer homes. Second reading of the Bill is scheduled for 27 June 2022.

What are the different types of RP? ›

There are three main types of roleplay: text-based, live-action, and tabletop. Text-based roleplaying takes place online and focuses on writing. Live-action roleplaying takes place face-to-face; you interact with other people through talking, acting, and occasionally combat.

What does RP status mean? ›

Report in Progress (RP)

What is the purpose of a RP? ›

Role play exercises give students the opportunity to assume the role of a person or act out a given situation. These roles can be performed by individual students, in pairs, or in groups which can play out a more complex scenario.

How do housing associations make their money? ›

Housing associations' day-to-day activities are funded by rent and service charges payments made by, or on behalf of, those living in its properties. In this sense, housing associations are run as commercial entities and the majority do not depend on donations for their general activities.

What is the difference between a housing association and a registered social landlord? ›

Housing associations normally offer housing to people most suited to that particular property. You may have to wait a long time for a suitable property to become available. Housing associations are also known as Registered Social Landlords or Private Registered Providers of Social Housing.

Who owns social housing in the UK? ›

Approximately 55% of the country's social housing stock is owned by local authorities, of which 15% is managed on a day-to-day basis by arms-length management organisations rather than the authority, and 45% by housing associations.

What's a registered social landlord? ›

Registered social landlords are independent housing organisations, mostly housing associations.

What is a registered social landlord UK? ›

Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) are independent housing organisations registered with the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) under the Housing Act 1996. Most are housing associations, but there are also trusts, co-operatives and companies.

What is a regulated provider? ›

A regulated activity provider is an organisation or individual responsible for the management or control of regulated activity (paid or unpaid) and makes arrangements for people to work in that activity. This will usually be an employer or a voluntary organisation.

What is the difference between social housing and council housing? ›

Social housing is lower-cost rented housing provided by landlords registered with the social housing regulator, known as a social landlord. Social landlords could be a council or a housing association. Social housing is likely to be cheaper and can offer greater security from eviction than private rented housing.

Which is better council or housing association? ›

Council houses tend to be cheaper to rent than Housing Association properties on average as housing associations tend to set their rents at either social or affordable rates which class as; social rent – around 50% of local market rent. affordable rent – around 80% of local market rent.

Who owns the most housing? ›

Starwood Capital Group, which was the largest owner in 2022 with 115,000 units, is a private investment firm headquartered in Miami, Florida.
Leading apartment owners in the United States in 2022, by units owned.
CharacteristicUnits owned
12 more rows
23 Aug 2022

Which borough has the most council houses? ›

Croydon has the highest number of properties in London with an estimated 161,060 homes, according to Benham and Reeves.

Who provides social housing in Australia? ›

[1]. Social housing is affordable housing provided by the government and community sectors to assist people who are unable to afford or access suitable accommodation in the private rental market. It includes public housing, state owned and managed Indigenous housing (SOMIH) and community housing.

How many people are waiting on social housing Ireland? ›

Also relevant is the 71,858 applicants on the social housing waiting list who are registered for social housing. Over a quarter of all households qualified for support are waiting more than seven years for a social housing support.

How long is the waiting list for social housing Ireland? ›

The number of households on social housing waiting lists dropped by only 4% last year.

How many people are on the housing waiting list in Ireland? ›

The 2021 SSHA shows 59,247 households were assessed as being qualified for, and in need of, social housing support as of 17 November 2021. This figure is down 2,633 (4.3%) from 61,880 households on 2 November 2020. This figure also represents a total decrease of 32,353 (35.3%) since 2016.

Who qualifies for social housing UK? ›

You can apply if you're 18 or over (some councils let you apply if you're 16 or over). You may be able to apply even if you do not live in the area.
For example, you're likely to be offered housing first if you:
  • are homeless.
  • live in cramped conditions.
  • have a medical condition made worse by your current home.

How many community housing providers are there in Australia? ›

Overview. Community housing is a diverse sector in Australia. Stock under management has more than tripled from 2006, mostly due to transfers from public housing. About 370 organisations are registered nationally, of which 42 are Tier 1, operating at scale.

How many people are waiting for social housing in Australia? ›

The housing market in NSW is currently failing to provide safe, secure, and affordable housing for tens of thousands of individuals and families. More than 50,000 people are on the waiting list for social housing in NSW.

What is another name for social housing? ›

Public housing is a form of long-term social housing managed by us. It is for people on low incomes that are most in need and have no other accommodation options.


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