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Dr Stephen Yelland General Practitioner

MBBS (University of Queensland)

Dr Stephen Yelland has been a General Practitioner on the Gold Coast for over 30 years, and has a keen interest in the management of chronic wounds. Find out more information about our wound clinic.

Dr Joan Gregor General Practitioner

Dr Joan Gregor has lived on the Gold Coast since 1980, is married and has 5 adult children. Dr Joan sees all general practice patients and has a special interest in a popular type of wrinkle-reducing injectable. Dr Joan’s favourite personal interest is playing tennis.

Dr Frances Loo General Practitioner


Dr Frances Loo is a family General Practitioner witha keen interest in the diagnosing and treatment of skin conditions, women’s health and antenatal care and paediatrics. Dr Loo currently takes on new patients on a case-by-case basis.

Dr Lesley Smith General Practitioner

Dr Lesley Smith has been a General Practitioner for over 30 years and is a caring and empathetic doctor. After graduating at University of Queensland she worked for 5 years at Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital, followed by 3 years as Medical Superintendent & GP in Mt Morgan, 13 years as a GP in Hervey Bay and from 2005 a GP on the Gold Coast. Dr Smith enjoys all aspects of general practice and has special interests in women’s health, paediatrics, obstetrics and adolescent health.

Dr John Buckley General Practitioner


Dr John Buckley graduated from the University of Queensland in 1978. He has been practising medicine on the Gold Coast since 1982, and maintains an interest in all aspects of general practice. Dr Buckley is married to Debbie, is a father of four and grandfather to three (so far). He enjoys the surf, golf and sport in general.

Dr Andrew Hunt General Practitioner

Dr Andrew Hunt a University of Queensland graduate has over 30 years experience as a General Practitioner and has been well established on the Gold Coast since 2005. Dr Hunt enjoys all aspects of general practice and is well respected by his peers. His special interests include skin checks, complex medical problems, and men’s health.

Dr James McDougall General Practitioner


Dr James McDougall was born and raised on the Gold Coast. Initially an Exercise Physiologist, he completed his medical degree at Bond University in 2012. He trained in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery for five years throughout Queensland, specialising in skin cancer treatment, trauma, and chronic wounds. Dr McDougall enjoys all areas of general practice, but has a keen interest in and aptitude for the early detection and management of skin cancer; sports medicine injury prevention and treatment; paediatric care, and men’s health. Dr McDougall is also a team doctor for the Gold Coast Suns AFL team. In his spare time, he enjoys competing in triathlons and being active with his young family.

Dr Scott Longmire General Practitioner


Dr Scott Longmire graduated from Griffith University in 2010, then worked at Nambour Hospital on the Sunshine Coast for 2 years, before returning to the Gold Coast Hospital for a further 3 years. He started at Bundall Medical Centre in 2017 where he completed his general practice training. Dr Longmire enjoys all areas of general practice, with a special interest in paediatric medicine, management of skin cancers and men’s health. In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors with his wife and children, often taking weekends away camping, fishing and mountain biking.

Dr Natasha Prasad General Practitioner


Dr Natasha Prasad is a fully-trained and qualified General Practitioner, holding full practising registration in both Australia and the United Kingdom. Dr Natasha was born and raised in the United Kingdom, before moving to the Czech Republic to complete her Medical Studies. Shehas moved to the Gold Coast with her husband and young family from Northern Rivers.

Dr Natasha has special interest in women’s health, family planning, skin cancer checks, chronic disease management, travel medicine, and immunisation.

Dr Roy Kuo General Practitioner

Dr Roy Kuo was born and raised here in Bundall on the Gold Coast. He attended Somerset College and recently graduated from Bond University. He joined Bundall Medical Centre at the beginning of 2021 as part of his general practice training. Dr Kuo can speak fluent Mandarin and is open to taking on new patients. He enjoys all areas of general practice, and has interest in family medicine.

Dr Alice Bowen General Practitioner


Dr Alice Bowen graduated from Griffith University on the Gold Coast in 2015 and worked at the Gold Coast University and Robina Hospitals across a range of medical and surgical specialities before entering into general practice. She enjoys all areas of general practice, with particular interests in women’s health, sexual health and preventative medicine. Dr Bowen tutors medical students at Bond and Griffith medical schools, and in her spare time enjoys walking her dogs on the beach and travelling.

Dr Simon Hampton General Practitioner

MBChB, FRACGP, SCCA accredited skin cancer doctor

Dr Simon Hampton completed his primary medical degree in 2011 at the University of Otago, New Zealand. After graduating, he spent 7 years working in the Hawkes Bay region of New Zealand where he built experience in a wide range of specialties in Hastings Hospital and completed general practice fellowship training in 2018. He has worked in Brisbane 2019 – 2022 before deciding to move permanently to the Gold Coast.

Dr Hampton enjoys variety in his work and is happy to cover all aspects of general practice care. He has undertaken advanced training in skin cancer diagnosis and management, and is accredited with the Skin Cancer College of Australasia. Outside of work, he enjoys travel and various recreational sports.

Dr Alicia Greenfield General Practitioner (on parental leave)

Dr Alicia Greenfield graduated from Griffith University on the Gold Coast in 2011. She completed rotations in various hospital departments in South East Queensland and NSW over a four year period, before training in general practice in rural Northern NSW. Dr Greenfield is interested in all areas of general practice, but particularly children’s health, skin cancer medicine, and tropical medicine after completing further studies in these areas.

Allied Health

Nicola Morley Nurse Practitioner

Nicola Morley is a Nurse Practitioner with over 30 years nursing experience, and has been a leader for 20 years in all aspects of chronic wound care. Her focus has been on healing lower limb problematic wounds of an arterial, venous, mixed and diabetic in nature. With thorough assessment, treatment, and diagnostic outcomes, she has had a tremendous positive impact on improving patient outcomes among this cohort. Find out more information about our wound clinic.

David Neophyton Psychologist

David Neophyton has been a Psychologist for 26 years on the Gold Coast, of which the past 4 years at Bundall Medical Centre.

David has experience helping people with anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships and stress in general. He enjoys helping people very much and with the hope and aim for them to enjoy their lives.

David has been living on the Gold Coast for 29 years and has 3 adult children of whom he is very proud.

Brittany Kenda Clinical Psychologist

Brittany Kenda is a registered Clinical Psychologist and holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Bond University. She has worked in a range of settings, including disability employment, schools, outpatient care, youth mental health, and private practice. Brittany has extensive experience working with youth and early adulthood and narrows her referrals to helping those aged 12-30 years.

Brittany is passionate about supporting individuals to discover their unique strengths and purpose in a safe, collaborative, and caring environment. She uses a variety of evidence-based treatments to help people effectively cope and manage their presenting difficulties. Brittany is interested in treating trauma and mood disorders from a mind and body approach.

Linda Ryan Podiatrist

Linda Ryan has been working as a Podiatrist for 5 years after graduating with a degree in Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry) from Queensland Univeristy of Technology in 2017. Linda has additional qualifications including a Diploma of Business Administration and Management, and a Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled/Division 2). Whilst on her nursing placement in an outpatient department at a local hospital, Linda came across her first ever Podiatrist treating high risk and complex wounds. After this experience with the Podiatrist, they inspired her to continue her studies further into Podiatry!

Linda currently works in private practice in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. She enjoys working with all age groups and has experience in treating a diverse range of lower limb and foot conditions. Common conditions or complaints are ankle pain, heel pain, forefoot pain, biomechanical assessments/orthotics, plantar warts, ingrown toe nails, callus and corns, diabetes assessments and education or general foot nail care.

When not working, Linda enjoys family time, going away on weekends and travelling with her two children.

Clare Barrett Accredited Practising Dietitian

Clare Barrett is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, and is a ‘people person’ who enjoys the dynamics of consulting with both individuals and groups. She has a background in clinical pathology and believes strongly in a multidisciplinary approach to health care, and has over 13 years of experience working with patients on the Gold Coast.

Clare enjoys the opportunity to get to know patients, and tailor advice to suit their individual health needs and life circumstances. Her fields of experience are broad, and include weight loss, diabetes, elderly nutrition, disordered eating, and nutrition management of gastrointestinal issues.

Clare has a particular interest in paediatric dietetics. She has completed the National Paediatric Dietetic Training Course (DAA Centre for Advanced Learning). She also has advanced training in the management of problem feeding behaviours/fussy eating (including SOS Approach to Feeding). By providing support and advice to both parents and children, Clare helps to create a ‘family’ approach to improving a child’s diet. She is appreciative of this unique opportunity and is mindful to provide dietary recommendations that can not only benefit the child now but can extend to improve their dietary choices in their adult life.

Cameron Dicieri Audiometrist

Cameron Dicieri, a qualified Audiometrist, commenced his career in the hearing care industry in 2016. He has completed his Diploma in Audiometry and is a full member of ACAud after successfully completing his examination for full membership in February 2017. Cameron has continued his education in the industry and in 2020 completed his master’s degree in Clinical Audiology and Hearing Therapy. He was also elected to the ACAud Board of Directors in 2021. Whilst also holding a bachelor’s degree in Business and has extensive customer service experience from the hospitality industry.

Cameron enjoys working with new hearing device technology and prides himself on keeping up to date with all the new innovations on the market today. He also enjoys interacting with clients and ensuring that they are receiving the best hearing care possible.

Hearing Aid Specialists Sth East Qld is a proud, family-owned and operated business with over 40 years’ industry experience. We pride ourselves on having competitive prices and market-leading customer service. Rely on us to provide complete hearing services to private clients, DVA card holders and pensioners.

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