How Much Money do Physician Assistants (PAs) Make? (2023)

Physician Assistant Salary and Compensation

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill

How Much do PAs Make?

According to the latest NCCPA data, the average projected salary of certified PAs in 2023 is $117,381 per year or $56.43/hour ($115,470 in 2022), and the median projected annual salary is $115,000 per year. This is 218% of the US median salary.

A salary of $117,381 per/yr. equates to a monthly average physician assistant pay of $9,781.75, a weekly pay of $2257.33, and an hourly wage of $56.43/hr.

Thehighest-paidPAs are those working in dermatology ($129,246) and critical care medicine ($125,522).

According to the NCCPA data, the average total income for Certified PAs has increased by 9.0% between 2017 and 2021, and the percentage of PAs earning more than $200,000 has increased by 1.2% during that time.

On average, family medicine PAs make $105,286 per year ($50.62 per hr.),emergency medicine PAs make $125,110 per year ($60.15 per hr.), and an orthopedic surgery PA can expect to make $122,477 ($58.88 per hr.).

TheBureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports the median salary for PAs at $115,390/year or $57.43 per hour ($115,390 in 2022), with the top 90% earning $164,620/year or $79.14 per hour ($162,240 in 2022), an increase of 1.47% from the previous year (2.8% in 2022).

The latest American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) salary reportshowed a slight increase in projected PA salary from previous years to $115,000 per year or $55.29/hr. in 2023 ($110,000/yr. in 2022, $111,000/yr. in 2021, and $107,500/yr. in 2020). It was the only report showing a decline in salaries in the previous year's report (2021).

As of January 2023, the average annual pay for a physician assistant in the United States, according to data from ZipRecruiter, is $110,875 a year or $51 per hour ($107,038 in 2022). While ZipRecruiter sees yearly salaries as high as $160,000 and as low as $50,500, the majority of PA salaries currently range between $94,500 (25th percentile) to $123,000 (75th percentile) across the United States.

PAs working in outpatient care centers earn the highest salaries, with a mean of $121,320. New York had the highest number of employed PAs at 13,270 and a mean wage of $123,080. Connecticut had the highest salary for PAs at $137,060. Salinas, California, was the top-paying metropolitan area with an annual salary of $161,370.

The median salary for recently certified, new-graduate, male, and female PAs is ~$95.000 per year.

PAs who receive an hourly wage rather than an annual salary earn an average of ~$60.00 per hour.

Most (79.4%) of PAs are paid an annual (versus hourly) salary. PAs who work in emergency medicine or urgent care or are independent contractors are more likely to receive an hourly wage.

Compare this to an average annual salary of a general practice physician of $227,395 or an emergency room physician of $284,561 in 2023.

Most PAs Receive Additional Non-Salary Benefits:

In addition to their base salary, most PAs receive additional non-salary benefits:

  • Half of full-time clinically practicing PAs receive a bonus of $6,000 or more, with the average bonus being $6,118. Sadly, the average bonus for a female PA is $3,000 less than their male counterparts.
  • Almost all (87%) of PAs receive some professional development compensation from their primary employer. These include DEA license reimbursement, CME expense coverage, reimbursement of state license fees, etc., etc.
  • Most full-time PAs continue to have individual health, dental, and liability insurance included as a covered benefit.
  • The majority of employers match between 3-7% of 401K contributions.

PA salaries and the buying power of those salaries vary significantly by region. While PAs in California have some of the highest median salaries of $118,000, PAs in Kentucky, Iowa, and Mississippi have some of the highest cost-adjusted median wages in the nation.

What is the Best PA Salary Report?

As you can see, there are multiple organizations that report the salary of physician assistants; however, each PA salary report varies with how the data is gathered and what salary data is included.

The NCCPA Statistical Reportand AAPA salary reports combine a decent sample size (the NCCPA report wins by including ~117,280 of 131,152 certified PAs) and comprehensive data (the AAPA report includes salary by region, specialty, benefits, etc.) and are probably the most reliable.

The median projected pay for PAs in 2023, according to four of the most reliable PA salary reports, is summarized here:

*Consider increasing your salary projection by up to 7% based on current inflation.

Like a fine wine, PA salaries also get better with age

Years of experience also matter, with salary peaking for PAs with 15-19 years of experience. Those in this group can make up to $30,000 more per year than their new-grad counterparts.

According to NCCPA data, 68% of new graduate students expect starting salaries in the $80,000 to $100,000 range. In comparison, 22.0% of recently certified PAs who have not yet accepted a position indicate that the minimum wage they would accept for their first position would be over $100,000.Of recently Certified PAs who have accepted a position, 35.0% are earning over $100,000.

PA salaries, on average, have shown a 15.7% increase over the last six years, which is about a 2.61% increase per year, which means PA salaries have historically been beating the current US inflation rate.

Top paying states for Physician Assistants (USBLS)

StateEmploymentHourly mean wageAnnual mean wage
Rhode Island300$ 70.62$ 146,880
Alaska440$ 70.11$ 145,830
Connecticut2,670$ 68.17$ 141,790
New Jersey3,710$ 67.34$ 140,080
New Hampshire800$ 66.02$ 137,330

Physician Assistant Earnings by Part-time and Full-time Status (AAPA)

Earnings10th percentile25th percentile50th percentile75th percentile90th percentile
Base Salary$45,000$60,000$78,000$95,000$112,000
Base Hourly$45$50$55$65$75
Hours Worked1620243032
Full Time
Base Salary$83,000$92,000$112,260$117,000$157,000
Base Hourly$45$51$60$68$80
Hours Worked3540405055

Total income in the last calendar year from PA positions (NCCPA)

Addiction Medicine$113,864
Adolescent Medicine$91,045
Critical Care Medicine$125,522
Emergency Medicine$125,110
Family Medicine/General Practice$105,286
Hospice and Palliative Care$106,333
Hospital Medicine$114,356
Internal Medicine$105,081
Obstetrics and Gynecology$99,151
Occupational Medicine$111,286
Pain Management$111,938
Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation$104,150
Public Health$95,323
Radiation Oncology$106,848
General Surgery$115,427
Surgery– Subspecialty$122,477
Source:NCCPA Statistical Profile of Physician Assistants

Know Your Worth

The National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants Statistical Reports

  • 117,280 of 131,152 certified PA respondents
  • FREE for everyone
How Much Money do Physician Assistants (PAs) Make? (2)

AAPA Salary and Compensation Report

  • 13,099 of 131,152 PA respondents
  • FREE to AAPA fellow, student, and retired members and $200 to non-members

Included in the AAPA annual report are:

  • Median Base Salary and Bonus from Primary Employer by Work Setting andYears of Experience
  • The proportion of Professional Expenses Paid such as DEA, NCCPA fees, AAPA membership, and CME expenses
  • Insurance Benefits Paid for by Primary Employer
  • Retirement Benefits Provided by Primary Employer
  • Paid Days Off
  • PA Call Status
  • Hours per Month PAs Took Call
  • PA Participation in Profit-Sharing Plans
  • Mode of Profit Sharing
  • Amount of Additional Forms of Compensation
  • PA Compensation by Wage Type (annual, hourly, and productivity pay)
  • Median PA Salary By Region (west, northwest, south, and Midwest)
  • Median Base Salary from Primary Employer by Primary Work Setting
  • Median Base Salary from Primary Employer by Employer Type
  • Median Base Salary from Primary Employer by Major Specialty Area
  • Career Changes by PAs

Also included in the AAPA report is a cost-adjusted median salary by state. Using cost-of-living data, you can determine not only your adjusted cost-of-living salary, but you can use this data to calculate the salary you will need to maintain the same standard of living in a different location.

Additional resources:

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