Front Office | San Francisco Giants (2022)

San Francisco Baseball Associates LLC

Chairman: Greg Johnson

Vice Chairman: Rob Dean

Principal Partners

Executive Office

President & Chief Executive Officer: Larry Baer

Executive Vice President: Brian Sabean

Senior Executive Advisor: Staci Slaughter

Special Assistant: Willie Mays

Special Advisor: Barry Bonds

Special Advisor: Bruce Bochy

Special Assistant: Will Clark

Executive Assistant to the President & Chief Executive Officer: Terri Guess

Administrative Assistant: Alyssa Ramont

Baseball Operations

President of Baseball Operations: Farhan Zaidi

Senior Advisor to the President of Baseball Operations: J.P. Ricciardi

Senior Advisor to the President of Baseball Operations: John Barr

Vice President & Assistant General Manager: Jeremy Shelley

Vice President, Baseball Resources & Development: Yeshayah Goldfarb

Vice President, Player Performance & Wellness: Colin Cahill

Vice President, Pro Scouting: Zack Minasian

Vice President, Baseball Analytics: Paul Bien

Senior Director, Amateur Scouting: Michael Holmes

Senior Director, International Scouting: Joe Salermo

Senior Director, Player Development: Kyle Haines

Special Assistant, Scouting: Craig Weissmann

Special Assistant to Baseball Operations: Felipe Alou

Special Assistant to Baseball Operations: Ron Wotus

Special Assistant to Baseball Operations: Sam Geaney

Executive Assistant, Baseball Operations & Administration: Karen Sweeney

Director of Player Personnel Administration: Clara Ho-Frawley

Director, International Operations & Baseball Administration: Jose Bonilla

Director, Mental Health and Wellness, and EAP: Shana Alexander

Director, International Scouting: Felix Peguero

Director, Software Engineering, Baseball Systems: Caleb Whang

Director, Baseball Analytics: Michael Schwartz

Assistant Director, Player Development - Education: Laura Núñez

Manager, Minor League Operations: Gabe Alvarez

Manager, Baseball Video Systems: Yo Miyamoto

Manager, Dominican Republic Academy Operations: Francis Mieses

Senior Data Scientist: Greg Starek

Data Scientis: Brian Huey

Baseball Operations Analyst: Simon Ricci

Baseball Operations Analyst: Rohanna Pacheco

Baseball Operations Analyst: Mark Ferraro

Baseball Operations Analyst: Jimmy Kerr

Baseball Operations Associate Analyst: Amanda Glazer

Staff Software Engineer, Baseball Systems: Kevin Deggelman

Senior Software Engineer, Baseball Systems: Alex Case

Senior Software Engineer, Baseball Systems: Eddie Elliott

Software Engineer, Baseball Systems: Jack McGeary

Software Engineer, Baseball Systems: Rob Bertucci

Software Engineer, Baseball Systems: Krystine Xie

Software Engineer, Baseball Systems: Matt Fong

Performance Research Scientist: Matt Chan

Performance Science Analyst: Ericber Jimenez Francisco

Biomechanist: Alek Diffendaffer

Coordinator, Baseball Video Systems: Patrick Yount

Coordinator, Amateur Scouting: Michael Navolio

Coordinator, International Operations: Joan Cuevas

Coordinator, Minor League Operations: Jake Koch

Coordinator, Minor League Video & Technology: Nick Horning

Assistant, Baseball Operations: Josh Zimmerman

Assistant, Baseball Operations: Eleanor Martin

Assistant, Performance Science: Nick Lobb

Baseball Operations Fellow: Kiana Pancino

Associate, Baseball Operations: Roland Chandler

Associate, Baseball Video Systems: Alec Rainsford

Major League Staff

Manager: Gabe Kapler

Bench Coach: Kai Correa

Director of Pitching: Brian Bannister

Pitching Coach: Andrew Bailey

(Video) Giants front office takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

Assistant Pitching Coach: J.P. Martinez

Hitting Coach: Justin Viele

Director of Hitting/ML Asst. Hitting Coach: Dustin Lind

Assistant Hitting Coach: Pedro Guerrero

Third Base Coach: Mark Hallberg

First Base Coach: Antoan Richardson

Bullpen Coach: Craig Albernaz

Quality Assurance Coach: Nick Ortiz

Assistant Coach: Alyssa Nakken

Assistant Coach: Taira Uematsu

Director, Video Coaching: Fernando Pérez

Video Coaching Assistant: Kit Larson

Bullpen Catcher: Brant Whiting

Bullpen Catcher: Alex Burg

Batting Practice Pitcher: John Yandle

Medical & Training Staff

Senior Director of Athletic Training: Dave Groeschner

Head Team Physician: Dr. Anthony Saglimbeni

Head Team Orthopedist: Dr. Ken Akizuki

Team Physician: Dr. Robert Murray

Team Physician: Dr. Chris Chung

Team Orthopedist: Dr. Ben Ma

Head Athletic Trainer: Anthony Reyes

Physical Therapist: Tony Reale

Assistant Athletic Trainer: L.J. Petra

Strength & Conditioning Coach: Brad Lawson

Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach/Sport Science Specialist: Saul Martínez

Director of Performance Nutrition: Leron Sarig

Executive Performance Chef: Decnoy Inthavone

Home Clubhouse Sous Chef: Steven Rivas

Coordinator of Medical Administration: Chrissy Yuen

Massage Therapist: Hiroki Sato

Medical Review Analyst: Eric Ortega

Medical Consultants

Podiatry: Larry Oloff, D.P.M.

Ophthalmology: Daniel Goodman, M.D.

Chiropractor: Michael Gazdar, D.C.

Dermatology: Dan Wall, M.D.

Hand Surgeon: Scott Hansen, M.D.

Dentist: Sam Thacher, D.D.S.

Internal Medicine: Erik Dean, D.O.

Orthopedist: Michael Lee, M.D.

Major League Clubhouse Operations

Senior Director, Team Operations: Abe Silvestri

Senior Advisor, Home Clubhouse: Miguel Murphy

Senior Manager, Home Clubhouse & Major League Equipment: Brad Grems

Manager, Team Travel: James Uroz

Manager, Visiting Clubhouse: Gavin Cuddie

Coordinator, Umpire Room & Home Clubhouse: Brandon Evans

Coordinator, Visiting Clubhouse Food Services: Mark Sagrafena

Coordinator, Player & Family Services: Jeff Wallace

Communications & Community Relations

Senior Vice President, Communications & Community Relations: Shana Daum

Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President, Communications & Community Relations: Lyz Socha

Media Relations

Vice President, Media Relations: Matt Chisholm

Senior Director, Broadcast Communications & Media Operations: Maria Jacinto

Senior Manager, Hispanic Communications & Marketing: Erwin Higueros

Manager, Media Relations: Megan Brown

Manager, Baseball Information: Mike Passanisi

Coordinator, Media Relations: Mariana de Paula

Consultant, Media & Communications: Joan Ryan

Director, Player, Alumni & Community Relations: Bobby Baksa

Business & Internal Communications

Senior Director, Business & Internal Communications: Casey Baksa

Community Relations

Senior Manager, Community Relations: Tess Oliphant

Manager, Community & Family Programs: Bertha Fajardo

Community Ambassadors

Community Ambassador: Orlando Cepeda

Community Ambassador: Dave Dravecky

Community Ambassador: Jeffrey Leonard

External Affairs

Vice President, External Affairs: Roscoe Mapps

Senior Coordinator, External Affairs: Jen San Juan

Giants Community Fund

Executive Director: Sue Petersen

Deputy Director: Paul Giuliacci

Development Director: Carolyn Della Maggiore

Program Director: Nicole Catchatoorian

Program Senior Manager: Cassandra Hofman

(Video) Colorado Rockies vs San Francisco Giants Full GAME Highlights (9//22/2022) MLB Season 2022

Accounting Manager: Modesto Morales, Jr.

Program Manager, AmeriCorps: Kayla Bowman

Program Manager: Bailey Rodriguez

Senior Coordinator, Communications: Chrissy Camilleri

Senior Coordinator, Development Strategy: Drew Ziegler

Fundraising and Events Coordinator: Stephanie Klunk

Program Coordinator: Caylee Johnston

Partnerships & Business Development

Senior Vice President & Chief Business Development Officer: Jason Pearl

Executive Assistant, Partnerships & Business Development: Bonnie K. Siu

Director of Partner Retention and Engagement: Stephanie Yoshimoto

Partnership Insights & Strategy: Thaddeus Bayston

Vice President, Partnership Sales and Business Development: Jessica Santamaria

Partnership Marketing Manager, Partnership Sales: Ronan Baynes

Partnership Marketing Manager, Partnership Sales: Kalen Bigger

Partnership Marketing Manager, Partnership Sales: Brandon Matukas

Partnership Marketing Manager, Partnership Sales: Alex Sanders

Senior Director, Partnership Activation: Mike Martin

Account Manager, Partnership Activation: Savannah Raymond

Account Manager, Partnership Activation: Darrell Stewart

Senior Account Coordinator, Partnership Activation: Laura Murphy

Account Coordinator, Partnership Activation: Cresmer Worthington

Business Operations

Executive Vice President, Business Operations: Mario Alioto

Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President, Business Operations: Donna Bull

Ticket Sales/Services/Client Relations

Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales & Services: Russ Stanley

Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales & Services: Carolyn Uroz

Ticket Sales/Client Relations

Vice President, Ticket & Premium Revenue: Jeff Tucker

Senior Director, Ticket Sales & Premium Seating: Matt Peterson

Director, Season Ticket Sales: Craig Solomon

Director, Ticket Sales Operations & Strategy: Ashley Campisi

Director, Season Membership Sales: David Nosti

Manager, Premium Sales: Brian Eck

Manager, Groups & Hospitality: Matthew Furtado

Senior Manager, Season Ticket Memberships & Special Projects: Margo Malone

Manager, Season Ticket Memberships: Cindy Hernandez

Manager, Season Ticket Memberships & Spring Training: Greg Marinec

Senior Director, Luxury Suites & Premium Memberships: Lindsay Campbell

Manager, Luxury Suites & Premium Services: Tara Ward

Manager, Cloud Club: Brittany Bettencourt

Senior Manager, Premium Seating Memberships: Amanda Kershaw

Manager, Premium Seating Memberships: Greg Collier

Account Executive, Premium Seating Memberships: Javier Padilla

Ticket Operations & Services

Senior Director, Ticket Operations & Services: Ashley Connor

Senior Manager, Ticket Services: Todd Pierce

Senior Manager, Ticket Strategy: Cameron Lochte

Senior Manager, Ticket Operations & Accounting: Catherine Glazier

Senior Coordinator, Ticket Processing: Donna Dal Bozzo

Coordinator, Ticket Operations: Taylor Reeves

Customer Service

Manager, Customer Service Specialist: Monica Franco

Specialist, Customer Service: Michelle Falvey

Specialist, Customer Service: Aimee Jacobo

Specialist, Customer Service: Andrew Harris

Specialist, Customer Service: Matt Cinco

Specialist, Customer Service: Caroline Cirby

Specialist, Customer Service: Lisa Carmel

Business Analytics

Vice President, Business Analytics: Rocky Koplik

Director, Business Analytics: Matt Simpson

Director, Research & CRM Strategy: Joe Shapero

Senior Business Analyst: Chelsea Motie

Marketing & Events

Director, Marketing & Advertising: Travis LoDolce

Digital Marketing Manager: Gail Tañedo Kenney

Senior Director, Promotions & Special Events: Faham Zakariaei

Content & Entertainment

Vice President, Content & Entertainment: Paul Hodges III

SFG Productions

Senior Director, Executive Producer: Anica Chavez

Senior Producer: Kelsey Rothhouse

Video Producer: Karen Cerda-Segura

YouTube Producer & Host: Amy Gutierrez

Senior Video Editor/Producer: Kevin Hinh

Senior Cinematographer: Iman Rodney

Cinematographer/Editor: Travis Neuroth

Live Experience & Entertainment

Senior Director, Live Experience & Entertainment: Marco Nicola

(Video) Dave Flemming and the State of the San Francisco Giants

Production Manager, Live Events: Karl Conyers

Manager, Live Experience & Entertainment: Amanda Suzuki

Coordinator, Live Experience & Entertainment: Ashley Carrillo

Graphic Coordinator: Jordan Perkins-Lewis

Oracle Park Public Address Announcer: Renel Brooks-Moon

Mascot Program Coordinator: Joel Zimei

Design Studio

Senior Director, Design Studio: Brian Bisio

Senior Graphic Designer: Wayland Chew

Graphic Designer: Jessica Siao


Photography Manager: Suzanna Mitchell

Staff Photographe: Andy Kuno

Media Systems & Workflow

Director, Media Systems & Workflow: Brad Martens


Director of Archives: Missy Mikulecky

Brand Development & Digital Media

Vice President, Brand Development & Digital Media: Bryan Srabian

Social Media

Social Media, Senior Manager: Jen Eisenmann

Social Media, Senior Coordinator: Chris Bowersox

Social Media, Coordinator: Travis Hall


Director of Retail & Authentication: Gavin Werner


Executive Vice President, Administration: Alfonso G. Felder

Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President, Administration: Lyz Socha

Senior Managing Director, Special Projects: Jon Knorpp

Ballpark Operations

Senior Vice President & Chief Venue Officer, Oracle Park: Jorge Costa

Vice President & General Manager, Oracle Park: Gene Telucci

Vice President, Security: Tinie Roberson

Vice President, Guest Services: Alexis Lustbader

Senior Director, Ballpark Logistics: Stan Sprinkles

Supervisor, Ballpark Operations: Steven Hernandez

Director, Maintenance: Malcolm Hodgson

Manager, Maintenance: Jorge Pena

Director of Field Operations: Greg Elliott

Senior Manager of Field Operations: Johnny Franco

Manager, Guest Services: Kelli Duca

Senior Systems Manager: Spencer Serafin

Project Manager: Michelle Durgin

Systems Coordinator: Alejandra Alvarez

Systems Coordinator: Ericka Cisneros

Mail & Shipping Manager: Juan Nuñez

Mail Room Coordinator: Jamal Hodges

Giants Enterprises

President: Stephen Revetria

Executive Assistant to the President: Susie Levin

Vice President: Joey Nevin

Club Experience Manager: Becky Fenton

Sales Manager: Ryan Carroll

Sales & Business Development Manager: Chris Koenig

Event Strategy & Services

Senior Vice President, Event Strategy & Services: Sara Grauf

Director of Event Strategy & Services: Leslie Lee

Director of Event Strategy & Services: Ryann Greenberg

Director of Event Strategy & Services: Brad Hansen

Director of Public Space & Programming: Yennga Khuong

Director of Transportation: Joshua Karlin-Resnick

Senior Event Manager: Meghan Nicholson

Event Manager: Mason Kendall

Event Manager: Hannah Shank

Workplace Experience Manager: Rebecca Miles

Human Resources

Senior Vice President & Chief People Officer: Jose Martín

Vice President, Human Resources: Lan Huynh Lee

Director, Benefits & Wellness: Nicole Bivetto

Senior Human Resources Business Partner: Samantha Santana

Senior Human Resources Manager: Vince Limtiaco

Human Resources Manager: Elizabeth Espinoza

People Operations & Systems Manager: Rich Goldman

Senior Benefits Specialist: Brianna Nunez


Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer: Lisa Pantages

Executive Assistant to the CFO & Giants Building Office Manager: Evelyn White

Vice President, Finance: Chris Rossi

Director of Procurement: Josh Kelsey

Senior Manager, Purchasing: Antonia Lopez


Assistant Controller: Erik Mattias

Director of FP&A: Wilma Choy

Director of Accounting: Keith T. Scheeler

Senior Payroll Manager: Lou Mendoza

(Video) San Francisco Giants Executive Shares Key Ingredient to Success

Senior Payroll Manager: Ian Grier

Manager - FP&A: Teresa K. Jang

Senior Accountant: Howard Kui

Senior Accountant: Megan Sweeney

Accounts Payable: David M. Smith

Staff Accountant: Emma Martinez

Staff Accountant: Lucy Lau

Staff Accountant.: Emilia Quiñones

Ticket Accounting Analyst: Scott Zumsteg

Information Technology

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer: Bill Schlough

Technical Services

Vice President, Information Technology: Ken Logan

Director, Telecommunications & Special Projects: Lena Boswell

Senior IT Project Manager: Nancy Garcia

IT Project Manager: Kevin Kent

IT Helpdesk Manager: Mike Dominguez

Helpdesk Administrator: Andrew Tolentino

Network Operations

Director, Network Operations: Jackson Wan

Senior Network Engineer: Craig Bryan

Network Administrator: Marcus McMillin

Junior Systems Administrator: Christian Quach

Software Engineering

Senior Director, Software Engineering: Dan Quill

Senior Software Engineer, Enterprise Systems: David Fujito

Software Engineer, Business Systems: Nate Tsang

A/V Operations

Ballpark A/V Technician: Alex Gannon

Ballpark A/V Technician: Jon Rillera

Legal & Government Relations

Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer: Jack F. Bair

Senior Vice President & General Counsel: Amy Tovar

Associate General Counsel: Matthew Valdez

Director, Risk Management and Compliance: Joelle Jouvet Hicks

Special Projects Assistant: Claudia Hayes

Executive Assistant, Legal & Government Relations: Susan Herman

Strategy & Real Estate Development

Vice President, Development: Julian Pancoast

Director, Development: Iowayna Peña

Financial Analyst: Chris Paik

Administrative Assistant: Alyssa Ramont

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council

Nicole Catchatoorian

Anica Chavez

Lindsay Campbell

Shana Daum - Co Chair

Paul Hodges

Clara Ho

Lan Huynh Lee - Chief of Staff

Andrew Jefferson

Vince Limtiaco

Travis LoDolce

Alexis Lustbader

Margo Malone

Roscoe Mapps - Co-Chair

Rebecca Miles

Iman Rodney

Kelsey Rothhouse

Samantha Santana

Amy Tovar

Matt Valdez

Jackson Wan

Employee Resource Groups


Momentum, the women’s network of the San Francisco Giants, is an Employee Resource Group dedicated to mov- ing women forward. As the first and largest ERG, Momentum empowers women to develop their leadership skills, pursue guidance and connect on a personal and professional level at the Giants.

Leadership: Chrissy Camilleri, Lyz Socha, Amy Tovar

Black Excellence

Black Excellence, the professional network of Black employees of the San Francisco Giants, is dedicated to build- ing equity and inclusiveness to change the trajectory of diversity within the Giants organization. Leveraging our collective expertise, we work to build a stronger work culture and more successful team for the future.

Leadership: Roscoe Mapps

Corazón Gigante

Corazon Gigante is committed to promoting the San Francisco Giants Mission to enrich the Giants Familia by fostering education and collaboration, supporting an inclusive environment and celebrating cultura with the extended Latino/Hispanic community.

Leadership: Antonia Lopez, Francis Mieses, Samantha Santana, Jose Martín

Families with Special Needs

Families with Special Needs at the San Francisco Giants strives to create community among current and prospective parents (or families) of people with special needs. We come together for community, learn from one another, share resources, create connections and host events tailored to the needs of the members.

Leadership: Antonia Lopez, Rebecca Miles, Joey Nevin

Asian Pacific Alliance

Asian Pacific Alliance at the San Francisco Giants provides an inclusive space to advocate for the diverse needs of Giants employees. We will support, empower and promote APA cultural and social awareness.

Leadership: Vince Limtiaco

Giants LGBTQ+

(Video) San Francisco Giants: Baseball, Technology, and Dynamic Pricing

Giants LGBTQ+ provides an inclusive space to advocate for the needs of LGBTQ+ colleagues at the San Francisco Giants, and together empower and promote social awareness.

Leadership: Leslie Lee, Roscoe Mapps


The San Francisco Giants are dedicated to enriching our community through innovation and excellence on and off the field.


How do I contact the front office of the San Francisco Giants? ›

By Email
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  2. Season Tickets:
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Who manages the San Francisco Giants? ›

Gabriel Stefan Kapler (born July 31, 1975), nicknamed "Kap", is an American former professional baseball outfielder, and current manager of the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball (MLB). Kapler was a 57th-round draft pick (1,487th overall) by the Detroit Tigers in the 1995 MLB draft.

Is the SF Giants box office open? ›

Ticketing and Ballpark Seating

The Box Office opens 3 hours before game time and closes in the 5th inning.

Who is the CEO of the San Francisco Giants? ›

Larry Baer is nationally recognized as one of professional sports' leading visionaries. A fourth-generation San Franciscan, Baer joined the Giants in 1992 after he and Peter Magowan spearheaded the establishment of a new ownership group to ensure that the Giants remained in San Francisco.

What does Cole Kuiper do? ›

Writer, designer, and editor of bi-monthly newsletters, multiple quarterly magazines, brochures, and other visual publications.

Can you bring purse to Giants game? ›

How many bags can each person bring into the stadium? One large clear bag – either a one-gallon Ziploc style bag or the 12" by 6" by 12" clear bag – plus a small clutch. The larger clear bag must be a standard 12" by 6" by 12" made of clear PVC vinyl.

Did Bryan Stow get a settlement? ›

The Dodgers were found partially liable Wednesday in the 2011 brutal beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow, who was awarded nearly $18 million in damages by a jury at the conclusion of a closely watched civil lawsuit.

How much is the San Francisco Giants owner worth? ›

Charles Bartlett Johnson (born January 6, 1933) is an American billionaire businessman, with an estimated current net worth of around $6.1 billion.

Who is Greg Johnson SF Giants? ›

Greg Johnson is Chairman of the Board of Directors and Control Person of the San Francisco Giants. A long-time Giants fan, Mr. Johnson's family has been part of the team's ownership group since 1993.

Can you take water bottles into Giants Stadium? ›

One plastic bottle of either soft drink or water can be brought in to the stadium. The bottle must sealed upon entry. Water and soft drink brought in to the stadium must be in a plastic bottle which is sealed. The bottle can be opened once inside.

Can you bring food into a San Jose Giants game? ›

Food & Beverage

Outside food and beverage is prohibited. The only exceptions to this policy include unopened soft-sided water bottles and empty canteens. In compliance with State Guidelines, the San Jose Giants will be encouraging cashless transactions at this time.

What time do gates open for Giants game? ›

The Willie Mays gate opens 2 hours prior to game time. All other gates open 90 minutes prior to game time.

What is Larry Baer doing now? ›

In 2021, Baer helped launch and was named Co-Chair of “Advance SF”—a coalition of San Francisco CEO's and business leaders committed to addressing community needs made more acute during the pandemic. In January 2022, Baer joined the Advisory Board of the American Journalism Project, based in New York City.

What illness does Kuiper have? ›

It's been a rough couple years for everybody, but even more so for legendary Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper. Kuip dealt with a cancer diagnosis that kept him away for periods of the 2021 season as he went through chemo treatment.

What is Mike Krukow's illness? ›

They have five adult children, Jarek, Baker, Tessa, Chase and Weston. Mike Krukow is a talented musician, and proficient in the guitar, the mandolin, the banjo, and the ukulele. In July 2014, Krukow revealed he was suffering from inclusion body myositis (IBM).

Who is Carmen Kiew? ›

In a nutshell, I am a content creator, sports personality, writer, and reporter. My current gigs in sports include: On-air Personality / Producer for Marty Lurie on KNBR 680 (Pre/Post Giants games) Co-Host of Triples Alley (Giants postgame) on NBC Sports Bay Area.

Is Oracle park the same as AT&T Park? ›

Oracle Park is a Major League Baseball stadium in the SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco, California. Since 2000, it has been the home of the San Francisco Giants. Previously named Pacific Bell Park, SBC Park, and AT&T Park, the stadium's current name was purchased by the Oracle Corporation in 2019.

Who is Larry Baer wife? ›

What time does Oracle park open for games? ›

Oracle Park main gates at Willie Mays Plaza open 2 hours prior to game time, while all the other gates will open 90 minutes prior to first pitch.

Where does Larry Baer live? ›

He is married to Pamela Baer; they have four children and live in San Francisco.


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