Firefly Summit 2017 | Podiatric MSK (2022)

Hannah Watkinson

Biomechanical Podiatrist

Hannah is a Podiatrist who is heavily experienced in the field of biomechanics specializing in exercise induced leg pain as well as complex foot trauma.

She worked and gained experience in the NHS (Kent PCT) before employment by the Ministry of Defence in 2007 to provide and set up Musculoskeletal Podiatry clinics at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Headley Court — a Tri–Service Centre offering a broad range of rehabilitation for both chronic and complex overuse musculoskeletal pathologies as well as complex injuries sustained during conflicts. Here she was the clinical lead Podiatrist for 10 years and recently resigned to concentrate on her private practice which she set up in 2014. She also delivers biomechanics training across the Uk to Physiotherapists and Podiatrists.

Trevor Prior

Podiatric Surgeon

Trevor Prior is a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon at Homerton University Hospital. He works in private practice, is a Senior Clinical Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London and a Honorary Visiting Senior Clinical Fellow at the University of East London.

His particular areas of interest are foot surgery, sports injuries, biomechanics / gait analysis, orthoses and diabetic foot complications. He is a director of P2L, providing bespoke performance footwear and Run3D, providing advanced 3D gait analysis. He is past Dean of the Faculty of Podiatric Surgery.

He is the UK representative on the Vasyli Think Tank and the Vionic Innovation lab, and reviews for Gait & Posture, Clinical Biomechanics, The Foot, The Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, JAPMA, Nature and Physical Therapy in Sport.

Ian Griffiths

Sports Podiatrist

Ian is the Head of Sports Podiatry at Pure Sports Medicine in London. He is the consulting Podiatrist to the PGA European Tour, RFU England 7's squad, West Ham United FC Academy and Surrey County Cricket Club. He has an active interest in research and is a reviewer for several Sports Medicine and Biomechanics journals.

Emma Cowley

Podiatric Lecturer
MSc, BSc (Hons), FFPM RCPS (Glasg), FCPM, FHEA, CSci

Emma is a lecturer at Plymouth University delivering both undergraduate and postgraduate clinical education to podiatrists, other AHPs, nurses and doctors. Her career-long clinical interest in musculoskeletal podiatry led her into research and she is currently writing up her PhD thesis in foot and ankle biomechanics in running.

Applied biomechanics and MSK podiatry can be daunting to learn and so she and Dr Jill Halstead set up MSK:UK, a College of Podiatry special advisory group with regional hubs to support colleagues as they progress. The group recently grew to include over a tenth of the entire profession showing how ready podiatrists are to fully embrace this domain of practice.

Emma is a fellow of the College of Podiatry and of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (in Podiatric Medicine), Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and the Science Council recently awarded her Chartered Scientist status. She is quick to note, however, that scientific post-nominal letters mean little to patients without the art of delivery in clinic.

Emily Ball

Sports Podiatrist

Emily is the Founder and Clinical Director of Active Step Healthcare where she specialises in Lower Limb MSK. Her experience includes working within the MOD and with elite and professional athletes. She also delivers training across the South of England on the clinical application of Video Gait Analysis and provides consultancy and training to Podiatrists across the UK and Ireland on behalf of a leading supplier of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy machines.

Unsurprisingly, Emily's special interests are in gait analysis, gait retraining and the management of tendon injury using ESWT. She is currently undergoing her Master's degree where she is focussing on these topics.

Nick Knight

MSK/Sports Podiatrist

Nick is owner and clinical director at NK Sports Podiatry, he has experience working with all levels of patient from the weekend warrior, up to Olympic level and professional athletes. Following aspects of his masters module and personal injuries, Nick has developed a keen interest in exercise prescription, rehabilitation and gait re-education and is fortunate enough to work in clinics with physios and strength coaches and has access to a full gym and also a Vicon 3D gait analysis system, by Run3D. Nick has now started educating fellow peers on exercise prescription and rehabilitation.

In his spare time Nick can be found on the hockey pitch, on his bike or on the squash court. Nick is nearly finished his MSc and is looking at differences in gait characteristics in runners with and without exercise induced leg pain.

Jon Palmer

Biomechanics Podiatrist
BSc(pod) FFPM RCPS (Glasg)

A graduate of University of Plymouth School of Podiatry in 1995, until 2014 Jonathan provided MSK Podiatry to Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM), Lympstone, Devon at his private clinic Northernhay Clinic.

Jonathan was in the unusually privileged position for nearly 20 years to treat a young, active population exposed to extreme training programmes making them prone to overuse injuries to the foot, ankle, limb, hip and pelvis at CTCRM. Systematic and disciplined examination of these individuals and their pathology (often imaged diagnosis) has given him a great insight into structure, function and dysfunction and lower limb overuse injury.

Jonathan's Podiatry method brings together elements of root and tissue stress theory and marries these with his own clinical experience from repeated Gait and Bio-mechancial Examinations. Root is a good start point for our journey of discovery and indeed we do find its limitations as it is applied (experience). If you examine each part of the foot and limb (subjective), test the parts which are measurable using equipment (objective) and repeat systematically, skill, science and theory can merge to provide a workable system of MSK Podiatry. Never be afraid to look and feel (explore), and don’t let the opinions of other knock you off course unless their theories are truly proven and generally accepted. Accepting the imperfections of all that is human will give the best outcomes for you as practitioners." Thoughts from 7/4/2017, in sunny Exeter, Devon.

Nicola Blower

MSK Podiatrist
BSc(Hons), MChS, MFPM RCPS(Glasg), MSSF Co-Founder, Walkrite MSK Podiatrist

Nicola graduated with a 1st Class BSc(Hons) Degree in Podiatry from Huddersfield University in 1999 and started her career as a Band 6 Community Podiatrist within West Norfolk PCT, transitioning to a Band 7 role as a Specialist Podiatrist within a Podiatric Surgical Team in Lincolnshire.

Nicola co-founded Walkrite Limited with John Chadwick, MSK Podiatrist, in 2003 and started to work part-time in private practice predominantly in MSK Podiatry at the same time as taking on the role as a Band 8a Podiatrist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King’s Lynn, working predominantly in Diabetes and Vascular, finally leaving the NHS permanently in 2006.

In the following 11 years Nicola and John have developed Walkrite into an MSK-focused private practice with 3 clinics based in MDT teams working predominantly with Physiotherapists, Foot & Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeons and Rheumatologists, with a patient caseload including professional athletes (and adaptive athletes), Paediatrics, neuro-muscular patients and more complex Orthopaedic presentations.

Nicola has a keen interest in clinical gait analysis and it’s use in the identification and treatment of foot pathology, endeavouring to proceed to a formal qualification in clinical gait analysis in order to incorporate wider aspects of data collection into her practice. She has also pursued her interest in footwear by becoming a Member of the Society of Shoe Fitters and has had a number of articles published in Runner’s World in the last couple of years.

Nicola has a keen interest in sport, mainly Triathlon, and completed her 1st marathon in 2015 but is by no means a natural, finding that her knowledge of gait re-training comes in very handy to get her round!

John Chadwick

MSK Podiatrist
BSc(Hons), FCPM, FFPM RCPS(Glasg) Co-Founder, Walkrite MSK Podiatrist & Orthopaedic Surgical Care Practitioner

John graduated in 1999 from the University of Huddersfield with a BSc(Hons) Degree in Podiatry. He started his career in West Norfolk PCT as a Band 6 Community Podiatrist but quickly progressed to the role of Specialist Orthopaedic Practitioner within an Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Surgery Team in Peterborough & Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

This marked the transition point of John beginning to work as a non-Podiatric member of the Orthopaedic community and led to him becoming a member of the Association for Perioperative Practice. He currently has a full-time NHS Band 8a role as a Surgical Care Practitioner within an Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Surgery team at Northampton General Hospital and works privately in MSK Podiatry, having co-founded Walkrite with Nicola Blower, MSK Podiatrist, in 2003.

John’s long-term experience working in the field of foot and ankle Orthopaedics as well as in MSK Podiatry has given him bountiful experience of MSK presentations; both acute and chronic as he, amongst other tasks, runs his own fracture clinic lists within the NHS. He is currently completing his Non-Medical Prescribing qualifications, is a guest lecturer at Northampton School of Podiatry on the BSc(Hons) Podiatry and MSc Advanced Podiatry courses and is a Fellow of the College of Podiatry and Faculty of Podiatric Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow as well as a Member of the British Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society.

Having been raised in South Africa, John is a keen rugby supporter but the Springboks are a bit of a sore point at the moment, so go easy!

Wayne Edwards

MSK Podiatrist

Wayne graduated from the London Foot hospital in 1991. He has worked in both the NHS and private sector since qualifying and has post graduate qualifications in sports medicine and clinical podiatric biomechanics. He has worked closely within physiotherapy teams in the private sector for the last 15 years and has a thorough understanding of the use of orthotic therapy in management of lower limb pain and injury as well as injury prevention. Wayne has taken a special interest in the identification and treatment of underlying causes of injuries in runners.

Sophie Roberts

Biomechanics Podiatrist

Sophie qualified with a BSc (hons) in 1998 from the University of Brighton and completed her MSc in 2009. Following qualifying, Sophie worked in Canada with the University of British Columbia Sports Medicine Clinic for 4 years where her exposure to biomechanics gained her valuable experience.

Sophie has a wealth of experience in the podiatric management of biomechanical, sports, rheumatological and neurological foot disorders. She is a visiting lecturer at UCL where is lectures on Physiotherapy Masters courses on paediatric musculoskeletal medicine, gait analysis and orthotic management.

She also has a special interest in Hypermobility and is part of the London based Hypermobility Unit at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth. Her MSc thesis was presented at the FIP World Congress of Podiatry in 2010 and she is also a contributing author in the Oxford text book of Sports Medicine 2nd Edition. Sophie worked alongside world experts in other disciplines of sports medicine in the Athlete’s village at the London 2012 Olympic games.

Katherine Cook


Katherine graduated as a Physiotherapist from the University of Wales, Cardiff in 1999. After completing Junior and Senior posts in Portsmouth she moved to London and started her PhD at Kings College, London. Her biomechanical research involved comparison of 3D motion analysis systems (CODA) and accelerometry, particularly focussing on age related changes and factors associated with dynamic balance and falls.

Katherine completed her PhD in 2008 and returned to clinical work in the private sector. She began working for the MOD in 2008 and continues to enjoy working as a biomechanical specialist. Katherine 's life consists of trying to work like she doesn't have children and bringing up the children like she doesn't work.

Glen Foley


Glen qualified from the University of Brighton in 2003 with a Bsc (Hons.) in Podiatry. After qualifying Glen worked within the NHS for six years, dealing with all areas of podiatry and developing his keen interest in MSK Podiatry where he accrued a wealth of experience and knowledge across the field of Podiatry, specialising in Podiatric Biomechanics.

On leaving the NHS he embarked on a role with the Ministry of Defence at ‘The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court’. Glen has been privileged to work with all branches of the Armed Forces, including SAS, SBS and the elite athletes representing the services nationally and internationally in varied sports. A percentage of this work was the rehabilitation of service personnel injured in conflicts abroad, which was both challenging and hugely rewarding. To be able to apply the knowledge and skills of the job, which he enjoys immensely to such a clinically diverse and complex patient group. Improving their quality of life and expediting recovery has been, a truly humbling experience.

Alongside his position at DMRC Headley Court, Glen was a clinical lecturer on the undergraduate BSC (Hons) Podiatry course at the University of Brighton, and still lectures on several MSc modules including “Sports Injury” and “Offloading the at Risk Foot”. He is often lecturing across the country on podiatric biomechanics, and has been a key note speaker at the National and European Podiatry Conference.

Glen has a keen interest in running injuries and worked for two years with the UK Athletics medical team. This role consisted of injury rehabilitation and screening to ensure athletes were able return to optimal performance as quickly as possible. His love of sport brought him to be involved with the London Marathon for several years in a supervisory role overseeing the finish line podiatry medical team.

Since leaving the military setting early this year, Glen embarked on developing multidisciplinary MSK teams within the private sector, utilising the models he experienced within the Military and British Athletics to provide clinical excellence for all patients.

David Cashley

Biomechanics Podiatrist

David graduated from QMU in 1997. He has a special interest in lower extremity manipulation and has published and lectured extensively on this topic. He is currently studying toward a PhD examining the role of manipulation in podiatry.

As an experienced sports injury clinician, David has worked with Dundee, Dundee United and Montrose Football Clubs as well as a large number of amateur and junior football teams. He has also worked extensively with local rugby clubs and Gaelic football teams. He also works extensively with highland dancers and has several world champion dancers as patients. Outside of clinic, David is a keen cyclist and enjoys playing rugby (badly) at his home club Strathmore RFC.

Sarah Davies

MSK Podiatrist

Sarah qualified in 2000 with an interest in MSK Podiatry. Working for the NHS for 13 years, she spent 10 years focussed on MSK. Part of her role involved a Podopaediatric clinic and MDT clinics.

She has been working full time for the MOD for the last 4 years and in Private Practice for 7 years where she has been working with professional athletes and Olympians in many disciplines.

Sarah would say that she specialises more in Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation these days. She is part of the regular medical team for the Brighton Marathon and has also been involved at the London Marathon.

Eileen Dolan

MSK Podiatrist

Eileen Dolan is an Advanced Podiatrist within the Orthopaedic ICATS team in the Western trust. She also works in a private practice in the neighbouring county town of Enniskillen specialising in MSK and Orthopaedics. Eileen has an MSc in Advancing practice with postgraduate qualifications in Biomechanics, Diabetes and Vascular disease. She is a member of regional special interest groups for ICATS, MSK and Rheumatology.

Spare time activities include travelling, cycling and the odd 5k!

Suzy Speirs

Podiatric Surgeon

Suzy is a consultant podiatric surgeon working for Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust. She has practised biomechanics at Premier Podiatry Ltd. with Trevor Prior for over 15 years.

Suzy specialises in complex biomechanical analysis of pelvic and lower limb pathology. Gait analysis is integral to her work and she is experienced in video, pressure and 3D technologies.

She and the team at Premier Podiatry tackle a varied case load, from paediatric patients to the elderly. Their most challenging work involves opinions on post surgical complications, medico-legal cases and complex multidisciplinary rehabilitation of athletes.

Suzy has also worked as part of the Podiatric Sports Medicine Team at the 2012 London Olympic Games. She is a visiting lecturer in radiology for The University of East London final year Podiatry students.

Justin Blake


Podiatrist and Founder of, Justin started his “business” working out of a small room in a rural town. He had no money, no marketing skills and no business experience.

Fast forward just a few years and it’s now a £1m + business with 7 locations.

Claire O’Kane

Podiatric Surgeon

Claire qualified as a podiatrist from the Northern Ireland School of Podiatric Medicine in 1991 and as a podiatric surgeon in April 2000.

She got her certificate of completion of surgical training in April 2003 and became a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon in October 2003 at Ilkeston Hospital. Claire also works in private practice in Hillsborough.

To date she has published a number of studies on lesser metatarsal and lesser digit surgery, the rotation scarf osteotomy for hallux valgus and lesser digit amputation.

Ruth Mackie

Orthopaedic Podiatrist

Ruth Mackie graduated from Queens University, Belfast with a BMed Sci (Hons Podiatry) in 1999. After completing an international externship at the Temple School of Podiatric Medicine in the USA she has worked in both NHS and private podiatry clinics, specialising in podiatric biomechanics, gait analysis and orthotic prescription for the last 12 years.

Ruth completed her Masters degree in Podiatric Surgical Theory in 2008 with a research dissertation on the effect of silicone heel pads on non pathological gait. She was admitted to the Faculty of Podiatric Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow in 2015. Ruth is one of 2 podiatrists in the specialist Orthopaedic Lower Limb Triage team for the South and East Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland.

Mary Moore

Biomechanics Podiatrist
Graduated from QUB, with Hons B Med Sc Podiatry 1998

Mary set up her Podiatry clinic in Dublin 2000 with a vision to provide quality footcare. The practice was designed to raise awareness and profile of podiatry to both the general public and healthcare professionals – promoting expertise in lower limb biomechanics and orthotic therapy.

Mary achieved a MSc in clinical Biomechanics from Staffordshire University, Stoke on Trent 2010.

She has continued to develop her learning and practice in podiatric acupuncture, dry needling and manual therapy. Mary is clinical director for Fit Feet, Healthy Athlete programme Special Olympics Ireland since World Games 2003.

Martin Mc Geough

D.Pod.M, M.Ch.S., S.R.Ch.

Martin is founder and medical director of Firefly Orthoses. He has acquired over 26 years experience in clinical biomechanics and orthotic therapy. Martin is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in Glasgow and is now their ‘regional advisor’ on podiatry.

During his career he has provided professional advice and podiatry services for a number of English Premier League football clubs including Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspurs, Norwich, Newcastle, West Ham and Aston Villa. As an authoritative voice in the field of podiatry, Martin acts as a mentor to the Podiatrists at Headley Court military hospital outside London and regularly provides training and professional development internationally.

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