Diablo 3: A Guide to the Best D3 Builds (2022)

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Diablo 3: A Guide to the Best D3 Builds (1)

Diablo 3: The Game that Keeps On Growing

After years of waiting, loyal Diablo fans finally got what we all wanted: The 3rd game in the series. After the massive success of the original in 1996 and Diablo II in 2000, it was only a matter of time (12 years to be exact) until Diablo III would hit the shelves.

Now that the game has been out for a few years, hardcore gamers have played through every battle, every level, and every side task. This means that we have plenty of opinions out there on how to develop the best D3 builds and defeat the game in the best way possible.

Diablo 3: A Guide to the Best D3 Builds (2)

D3 Builds: How to Succeed at this Massive Video Game

Diablo 3 builds are the strategy a player uses when leveling up throughout the game. Depending on the character you play, you want to focus on different areas when you level up. Some characters aren't too strong, so focusing on strength is a good idea. Other characters are all about defense and need the stat points to be a good defender.

There's no right or wrong way to do your D3 builds, no matter which character you play. However, some characters should have higher stat lines in certain categories compared to others. Naturally, the internet is flooded with opinions on how to develop your character properly. This article aims to give a general overview of each character and what they need in order to be awesome throughout the game.

Diablo 3: A Guide to the Best D3 Builds (3)

Diablo 3 Barbarians: The Best Barbarian Build

The Barbarian character is the big brawler of Diablo 3. He's all about the violence, gore, and generally beating people up. Like all the others, the best barbarian build in Diablo 3 is eternally debatable. One thing is for sure: if you want action packed game play, the Barbarian is your guy. Here are a few recommendations for your best barbarian build.

Recommended active skills:

Rend - This move causes all your enemies within 12 yards to bleed out for massive damage.

Ground Stomp - Stomp the ground so hard you basically pause your enemies for 4 seconds. Works on anyone within 14 yards.

War Cry - Just by yelling like hell, you increase your armor for yourself and all allies within 100 yards!

Wrath of the Berserker - Basically the Super Mario invincibility star, this skill sends you in a near unstoppable rage for 20 seconds, increasing attack, dodge and movement speed.

Recommended passive skills:

Nerves of Steel - If you are hit with a "fatal blow" from an opponent, it isn't fatal, you just drop to 15% life and take less damage for a bit.

Superstition - This one reduces non-physical damage by 20 percent and you can even gain some fury points if hit by an elemental attack.

Rampage - The name alone sounds appropriate for the Barbarian as you gain 1% attack power after killing an enemy, lasting for 25 seconds.

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Detailed builds

For a few detailed suggestions for the best Barbarian Build, check out the links below.




The Best Barbarian Build

Diablo 3 Crusaders: The Crusader Build of Builds

The Crusader Build is sort of unique. A lot of people describe the Crusader as a "tactician" with a mix of holy power and battle abilities. The big thing with him is the ability to weaken the enemy. In a game full of demons, a holy man than can weaken demonic monsters is a great tool to have. Be aware, though, that the Crusader is only available in the expansion pack, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.

Recommended active skills:

Laws of Valor - This one has a two-fold ability, where you "empower" the law and your team gains 15% attack speed, or you "Recite" the law and gain 8% instead.

Steed Charge - Another invincibility mode, you get to ride a celestial horse through your enemies for 2 seconds and take no damage.

Condemn - Build up a huge explosion and dish out 1160% damage to those in a 15 yard radius.

Provoke - Taunt your enemies and gain power in the form of 5 Wrath!

Recommended passive skills:

Finery - Gain 1.5% strength for every gem you have on you.

Blunt - Power up your blunt objects by 20%

Long Arm of the Law - Lengthen the timeframe for any law-related attacks by 5 seconds.

Detailed builds

For a few detailed Crusader Build options, check out the links below.




The Best Crusader Build

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Diablo 3: A Guide to the Best D3 Builds (8)

Diablo 3 Demon Hunters: How to Construct the Best Demon Hunter Build

The Demon Hunter is a sharpshooter with distance fighting skills. No need to risk running up to the enemy to fight. In fact, with this guy, it would be a bad idea. The Best Demon Hunter Build allows you to shoot arrows and explosives from a long distance, causing major damage without putting yourself at much risk at all. If you want to evade the enemy and stay back, this is the character for you.

Recommended active skills:

Preparation - Instantly restore 30 Discipline for your Demon Hunter.

Companion - In passive mode it give you a raven companion that attacks at your level and in active mode the raven gets an extra power attack of 5x more power.

Chakram - You get to fire a swirling Chakram that causes 380% damage to weapons.

Evasive Fire - Combined with a bow and arrow, you shoot a lightning bolt for 200% damage and hit another 2 nearby enemies for 100% damage.

Recommended passive skills:

Blood Vengeance - Increase your hated by 25, even more when healed by a health globe.

Tactical Advantage - You get 60% better movement speed when using certain attacks.

Steady Aim - Stay at least 10 yards away from an enemy and you can dish out 20% more damage.

Detailed builds

For a few detailed ideas of the best Demon Hunter Build, check out the links below.




The Best Demon Hunter Build

Diablo 3: A Guide to the Best D3 Builds (9)

Diablo 3 Monks: The Power of the D3 Monk Builds

Monks are cool, just in general. While real life ones aren't likely to put up a fight, the properly developed D3 Monk Builds will attack powerfully with supernatural skills. The Monk's big talent is both attacking and healing with magic of all kinds. He can move fast and evade the enemy, too. Monks are a great mix of defense and offence, making them ideal for any situation you may come across.

Recommended active skills:

Fists of Thunder - Teleport right up to your enemy and hit 'em with a 2x punch, and hit every 3rd enemy with a 4x punch.

Dashing Strike - Dash forward up to 50 yards and dish out 370% weapon damage along the ride.

Mantra of Healing - Cover yourself and teammates with extra protection.

Exploding Palm - Make your enemy bleed 1200%, and if he dies, his death causes more damage for nearby enemies.

Recommended passive skills:

Chant of Resonance - Spirit costs of mantra cost 50%

Exalted Soul - Increase your max spirit by 50.

Momentum - For moving just 25 yards, you gain a higher attack power.

Detailed builds

For a few detailed D3 Monk Builds, check out the links below.




The Best Monk Build

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Diablo 3: A Guide to the Best D3 Builds (10)

Diablo 3 Witch Doctors: The Ultimate D3 Witch Doctor Build

Witch Doctors live up to their doctorate degrees (if they have a real one, I dunno) by bringing intelligence to the game. The best D3 Witch Doctor Build will allow you to put hexes on your enemies and even control the undead. This can be especially useful for adding some temporary minions to your fight. If you value brains over brawn, Witch Doctors are your character.

Recommended active skills:

Soul Harvest - Feed on the life force of your enemies within 18 yards. Creepy.

Summon Zombie Dogs - Just as cool as it sounds, you get to summon 3 zombie dogs to fight at 120% of your physical abilities.

Acid Cloud - Make it acid rain on your enemies, dishing out 300+% damage.

Spirit Walk - Leave your body and attack unhindered for 2 seconds.

Recommended passive skills:

Fierce Loyalty - Increase movement speed by 15% or 30% when you have certain allies summoned.

Spirit Vessel - Hit fatally? Just enter spirit realm for 2 seconds and recover to 50%

Grave Injustice - When an enemy dies within 20 yards, you gain 1% of your life and mana and reduce cool down times on your other skills.

Detailed builds

For a few detailed opinions on the best D3 Witch Doctor Build, check out the links below.




The Best Witch Doctor Build

Diablo 3: A Guide to the Best D3 Builds (11)

Diablo 3 Wizards: Creating the Greatest D3 Wizard Builds

D3 Wizard builds are some of the most fun builds in the entire game. Like every other video game ever made that featured wizards, these guys bring all kinds of fun powers to the table. Elemental powers are the name of their game, controlling air, fire, water and other elements. The Wizards of Diablo 3 are basically the Captain Planets of the game.

Recommended active skills:

Disintegrate - Use a beam of pure energy to deal out 390% damage, up to 890% damage as Arcane.

Explosive Blast - Gather energy and explode it out for 945% damage.

Familiar - Summon a sidekick that hits at 240% your own power and cannot be hit.

Teleport - Jump to anywhere within 50 yards in an instant.

Recommended passive skills:

Power Hungry - Throw 30% more attack power at enemies that are 30+ yards away.

Unwavering Will - Stand still for a few seconds and gain extra armor, resistance and damage.

Astral Presence - Increase Arcane power by 20 and regeneration by 2.5 per second.

Detailed builds

For a few detailed D3 Wizard Builds, check out the links below.




The Best Wizard Build

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Diablo 3: A Guide to the Best D3 Builds (12)

Diablo 3 Necromancers: The Endless Possibilities of the Diablo 3 Necro Build

One of the most popular characters in the Diablo 3 world are the Necromancers. These guys have a mix of powers similar to the Monks and Wizards, a lot of supernatural abilities. A well developed Diablo 3 Necro Build brings you the ability to use spells against your enemies and control some of them in the process. Curses can take down nearly any enemy you encounter and you can also raise the dead when needed. The Necromancer Build is only available as an additional in-game purchase, but it’s well worth it!

Recommended active skills:

Bone Spikes - Summon bone spikes to dish out 150% damage

Blood Rush - Ditch your body and reappear up to 50 yards away.

Skeletal Mage - Get a skeleton sidekick who will fight at 4x damage.

Frailty - Summon a curse that kills enemies with 15% or less life.

Recommended passive skills:

Overwhelming Essence - Maybe the best Necromancer Build passive skill, this one will increase max essence by 40.

Spreading Malediction - Get an extra 1% damage bonus for each enemy that's hit by your curses.

Extended Servitude - Keep your skeleton sidekick longer and revive your minions by 25%.

Detailed builds

For a few detailed ideas on the Diablo 3 Necro Builds, check out the links below.




The Best Necromancer Build

Diablo 3: A Guide to the Best D3 Builds (13)

So those are the basic D3 Builds for all 7 classes of characters in Diablo 3. There are tons of ways to flesh out these characters, and no one way is right or wrong. It even helps to develop your builds differently as the game progresses. Certain skills will be less useful as you get deeper into the game, while other skills won't be necessary until later in the game.

Opinions abound of as to the best character to choose overall, so try out each one and see what you think. The Necromancer Build is very popular (as a paid add-on, it's probably a good one), but some like the D3 Monk Builds or a good old fashioned Crusader Build. Every player is different and every character is different. If you plan to play in a team it's always good to mix it up with different characters, too.

Check out the specific builds around the web, try them out and see what works best for you. Happy gaming!

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