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The advantages of animal care cannot be over estimated, thus the essence of this blog post on the vets in Cambridge.

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Cambridge is an administrative and historic county of Cambridgeshire, England, home of the internationally known University of Cambridge.The beauty of the city is enhanced by many commons and other open spaces, including but are not limited to Sheep’s Green, Lammas Land, Christ’s Pieces, and the University Botanic Gardens.

It is also, a home for outstanding animal healthcare facilities.

Do you have an animal? Have you been in search of someone to love and care for your animal friends the way you do? If yes? Then we have made your work easy for you.


Top rated Vets in Cambridge

Here are a few veterinarians in Cambridge to help your animal friends;

1. Clarendon Street Veterinary Surgery

They are extremely proud of the history and ethos of their Cambridge practice. They are Cambridge’s only remaining independent practice.

This means that they can continue to operate the surgery in the same manner as before, with integrity, flexibility, compassion, and good humour, and the best interests of their clients and their pets at the forefront of everything they do.

Patrick von Heimendahl MRCVS graduated from The University of Berlin as a veterinary surgeon in 1992 and has worked in small animal practices in the UK ever since. He worked in Norfolk and Northumberland before relocating to and settling in Cambridge.

He took over the clinic from Clive Jordan in 1998 and ran it alone until the spring of 2018, when he was joined by his niece, Harriet. He is a wildlife and conservation enthusiast who is currently pursuing his Masters in Conservation at the University of East Anglia.

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Also, he supports an animal charity in Tangier, Morocco, which aims to rescue and treat wildlife and domestic animals in North Africa. He lives with his wife Charlotte, their dogs Dudley and Toast, and Wolfie, another of Samba’s kittens.

Contact: +44 1223 359021

Address: 28 Clarendon St, Cambridge CB1 1JX, United Kingdom

2. Arbury Road Veterinary Surgery – Cambridge

Arbury Road Vets has been caring for Cambridge’s pets for many years. They take pride in offering a full and comprehensive veterinary service, with your pet’s care as their primary goal.

They are here to help you get all of your pet’s medical needs met. With over 35 years of experience, they can ensure that your pet receives first-rate health care at an affordable price. We all value value for money, and the practice works hard to keep our fees competitive. They have modernized and expanded the surgery and its facilities over the years while maintaining the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that has always existed.

These enhancements enable their team to maintain the same high standards and provide excellent client care. Robert Loxley graduated from Cambridge University in 2004, and has been the clinical director at Arbury Road Vets since 2005. He is a true “general practitioner” who is genuinely enthusiastic about all aspects of veterinary medicine and surgery. Rob has a cat named Rocco.

Contact: +44 1223 361911

Address: 32 Arbury Rd, Cambridge CB4 2JE, United Kingdom

3. Cambridge Cat Clinic

They can assist you if your cat requires a regular health check, medical treatment, dentistry, or even surgery. Mini grew up in a home where pets were considered members of the family.

She graduated from Cambridge University in 2001 and enjoys all aspects of being a veterinarian, but she discovered that cats have a special something, so she developed a passion for her feline patients.

Mini enjoys researching and managing difficult medical cases, as well as surgery, feline dentistry, and ophthalmology.

Her main interests are excellent anaesthesia and pain control, and she is also a certified veterinary acupuncturist.

She has an RCVS certificate in Small Animal Medicine and is a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Science (feline chapter), both of which are internationally recognized qualifications in cat medicine. She is a member of the ISFM academy of feline practitioners and an RCVS-recognized advanced practitioner in small animal medicine. Mini lives with Douglas, a very affectionate cat, and Fraggle, a much loved dog.

Contact: +44 1223 880707

Address: Cox’s Drove, Fulbourn, Cambridge CB21 5HE, United Kingdom

4. East of England Veterinary Specialists Ltd

East of England Veterinary Specialists is an independent veterinary referral practice founded by Martin Owen and Mark Bush, two highly reputable and experienced veterinary orthopaedic surgeons in the country.

Mark Bush graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1999 and worked for the Orthopaedic Team as an intern. Following that, he worked for four years as a hospital surgeon in a large and busy small animal first opinion practice, where he earned the RCVS Certificate in Small Animal Surgery in 2003, making him one of the youngest vets to do so.

Following that, he began a Specialist surgical training program at Bristol University and Southern Counties Veterinary Specialists, which resulted in the RCVS Diploma in Small Animal Surgery (Orthopaedics). From 2012 to 2017, he was the Head of Surgery at Dick White Referrals.

He oversaw the surgical team and helped train a number of surgical residents and interns. His professional interests include many aspects of small animal orthopaedics, but especially orthopaedic trauma, hip replacement surgery, and the treatment of angular limb deformities.

Also, he is frequently invited to speak at veterinary conferences at the international, national, and local levels. He offers surgical training courses to veterinary surgeons in the field.

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He continues to conduct clinical research in veterinary orthopaedics and publish and review papers in major international veterinary surgical journals. He is the Vice-Chairman of the British Veterinary Orthopaedics Association at the moment.

Contact: +44 1223 795023

Address: 43 Cambridge Rd, Wimpole, Royston SG8 5QD, United Kingdom

5. Cromwell Veterinary Group

They are proud of their history, their ongoing work with animal charities all over the world, their dedicated team, and the great people they have brought on board to work with them. Nigel Belgrove joined the practice in September 2000 after graduating from Cambridge Veterinary School.

Nigel is a family man with interests outside of the practice that include travel, swimming, cooking, and wine tasting but not necessarily in that order. Nigel is interested in orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery, but he enjoys all aspects of general practice.

His surgical skills have saved many a pet’s life and allowed many others to walk on four legs again. Nigel is well-liked by both his clients and his staff, so he became one of the youngest veterinarians to form a partnership in January 2003.

Contact: +44 1954 715161

Address: 4 High St, Great Cambourne, Cambourne, Cambridge CB23 6BJ, United Kingdom

6. Dick White Referrals

Dick White Referrals (DWR) is one of Europe’s largest specialist multi-disciplinary veterinary referral centers, providing exceptional clinical care in cutting-edge facilities.

DWR was one of the UK’s first veterinary referral hospitals in 2003, and their original goal remains the same today: to provide the best possible care and treatment for pets, as well as the highest levels of service to pet owners and referring veterinary practice teams.

They are proud to be home to a team of highly qualified colleagues from the most diverse clinical disciplines, who are supported by outstanding non-clinical teams. Simon Tappin studied at the University of Cambridge and then worked in small animal practice for two years before starting a residency in small animal medicine and intensive care at the University of Bristol.

He began working for DWR in 2007. He is a Royal College Certificate in Small Animal Medicine holder as well as a European Diploma in Veterinary Internal Medicine. He is a member of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association and served as the Companion Journal’s editor for five years.

Simon has a special interest in critical care and has played an important role in the development of DWR’s Interventional Radiology service, which uses minimally invasive techniques and bio-materials to treat many conditions that previously required more invasive surgery.

He has given numerous lectures in the United Kingdom and Europe on topics ranging from emergency medicine to interventional radiology.

Contact: +44 1638 572012

Address: Station Farm, London Road, Six Mile Bottom, Cambridgeshire CB8 0UH, United Kingdom

7. Mercer & Hughes Veterinary Surgeons

Mercer and Hughes is a small animal veterinary practice in Stansted Mountfitchet (near Bishops Stortford), Dunmow, and Saffron Walden.

Their new veterinary practice in Braintree (Bocking) opened in September 2019. Bishop’s Stortford, Braintree, and the surrounding areas are served by our veterinary services.

Their in-patients are cared for 24 hours a day in their modern hospital at our Saffron Walden practice, and day surgeries are performed at all four of our locations. The RCVS has accredited all of their practices.

Dr. Seamus Mone grew up on their family’s cattle and apple farm in Ireland, where he worked until graduating in veterinary medicine from University College Dublin in 1995.

He has worked in a variety of large animal and companion animal practices since then, gaining invaluable experience and skills along the way before joining Mercer and Hughes in 2004 and becoming Clinical Director in 2007. He mostly involved with companion animals these days.

His main veterinary interest is small animal surgery, particularly orthopaedics. When he is not trying to learn Italian, entertaining the kids, or playing with the cat, he likes to keep fit by running and doing martial arts.

Contact: +44 1279 813780

Address: 80 Cambridge Rd, Stansted Mountfitchet, Stansted CM24 8DA, United Kingdom

8. Slate Hall Veterinary Services

Slate Hall Veterinary Services was founded in 1996 and has steadily grown to become one of the UK’s leading specialist poultry veterinary practices. They have 14 expert veterinarians working from five different locations, combining vital local knowledge with the strength of national resources.

They are supported by their highly trained laboratory technicians, sales and orders team, trainers, and exceptional administration and support staff. Their priority is to keep your flock safe, healthy, and profitable.

Their veterinarians are constantly expanding their knowledge of their industry, employing innovative thinking and new methods to ensure the best possible outcomes for your birds.

Many are members of industry working groups (BVPA, Avian Expert Group, AHWB) and have collaborative relationships with organizations such as APHA and universities. Allan graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2003 as a practical and knowledgeable field veterinarian.

He worked as a Divisional Veterinarian for Rainbow Farms in South Africa before becoming General Manager of Cobb South Africa and Veterinary Laboratory Manager in one of their regional laboratories. He was in charge of the operation’s agricultural management and gained valuable experience as a poultry veterinarian.

Allan Ball joined Cobb Europe in March 2007 as a veterinarian and quality assurance manager. He began working at Slate Hall Veterinary Practice in December 2008 and will be promoted to company director in September 2020. Allan recently graduated from the University of Melbourne with a post-graduate certificate in Avian Health.

Address: The Office, Slate Hall Veterinary Practice, 27 Cow Ln, Rampton, Cambridge CB24 8QG, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below, you will find the answers to some of the most asked questions relating to the top vets in Cambridge;

  1. Is it too late in the UK to become a vet?

It is never too late to pursue veterinary school if you truly want to make it work. Older students should be fully aware of the challenges they will face.

  1. Is it difficult to become a vet in the United Kingdom?

It is well understood that becoming a Vet is not an easy task. It takes outstanding high school exam results, dedication, and years of training. All veterinarians in the United Kingdom must be members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS).

  1. Is there a need for veterinarians in the United Kingdom?

According to data released by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), the annual number of registrants coming to work in the UK has decreased by 68% from 1132 in 2019 to 364 in 2021.

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