Aggie One Stop - Student Records Policy (2023)

FERPA Notice to Students

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 —
Official Notice to Students

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as Amended (FERPA), the following directory information may be made public unless the student desires to withhold any or all of this information:

Directory Information Items
Universal Identification Number (UIN) - effective January 2012
Local Address
Permanent Address
E-mail Address
Local Telephone Number
Permanent Telephone Number
Dates of Attendance
Program of Study
Previous Educational Agencies/Institutions Attended
Degrees, Honors, and Awards Received
Participation in Officially Recognized Activities and Sports
Medical Residence Location (Health Science Center students)
Medical Residence Specialization (Health Science Center students)

Currently enrolled students wishing to withhold any or all directory information items may do so by going to and clicking on the "My Information" icon.

Once information has been published in a printed publication, it cannot be removed from that publication. The campus directory is published once a year, and after it is compiled, no information can be removed before the next printing.

Only currently enrolled students are eligible to restrict directory information. Once a student has left the university, they can no longer set restrictions on directory information at the university. If a student restricts his/her directory information and leaves the university, the restriction continues until the student removes it.

Texas A&M University and the Office of the Registrar will exercise discretion in the release of all directory information.

Statement of Rights

Records Not Available Under FERPA for Inspection and Review

Certification of Dependency

Parent Guardian Access to View Certain Non-Directory Information

Penalties for Violating FERPA

Reporting Violations

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