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Even for families who take frequent Caribbean vacations and are spoiled by the beautiful beaches and turquoise waters, it’s hard not to be impressed with the tropical paradise that is the Turks and Caicos. Set foot on Grace Bay Beach in Providenciales, for example, and you’ll see why it’s considered one of the world’s best beaches—water sparkles like diamonds under the clear blue skies and the flora is awash in vibrant pinks and fuchsias—and many of the best Turks and Caicos all-inclusive family resorts are situated right on that 12-mile stretch of sand.

Best Turks and Caicos All-Inclusive Family Resorts

Whether you want to chill and hit the reset button or you’re looking for fun with kids of all ages, the islands of the Turks and Caicos are an ideal spot for a family escape. Make it easy on you and your family and go the all-inclusive route with these Turks and Caicos family resorts.

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1. Beaches Turks and Caicos – Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

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If you ask around about the best Turks and Caicos all-inclusive resorts for families, you’re likely to hear the same answer from everyone you talk to: Beaches. “It’s the most popular family-friendly resort in Turks and Caicos, hands down,” says Tamara Lidbom, the owner ofAnytime Travel Agencyin Peoria, Arizona.“They have a ton of activities for the kids and still cater to the adults.”

Located Providenciales and situated right on the iconic Grace Bay, the wildly popular resort has five different vibes to choose from: French Village, Italian Villages, Key West Village, and Caribbean and Seaside Villages. Whichever one you stay at, you can play at all five.

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Whether you have toddlers or tweens, you can’t go wrong with the 45,000 square-foot Pirates Island Water Park, with its lazy rivers, water cannons, and whirlpools galore. And of course there’s the aforementioned 12-mile beach, plus 10 swimming pools and 21 gourmet restaurants that incorporate the cuisines of India, Italy, France, the Caribbean, and other flavors from around the globe.

At Beaches Turks and Caicos, your biggest question may well be, “Where are the kids?” Little ones have many entertainment options at this family beach resort, like the Xbox Play Lounge, Kids Camp, breakfast with Sesame Street characters, and water sports (choose from a vast selection including aquatrikes, tubing, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing, and snuba).If your crew is more into the land than the sea, there’s table tennis, soccer, shuffleboard, volleyball, basketball, a fitness center, and plenty of live shows to keep everyone entertained.

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And when you’re ready for much needed couples time, call on one of this all-inclusive resort’s nannies to keep an eye on the kids while you treat yourselves to a quiet meal or couples massage—it’s up to you whether you want to be pampered on the beach or in one of the resort’s secluded gardens.

2. Ocean Club Resorts – Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

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You get a two-fer atOcean Club Resortson Grace Bay by staying at either Ocean Club East or Ocean Club West. Ocean Club East is Caribbean-style with two pools, while Ocean Club West is all about the gardens (and has one tropical pool).There’s a mile of gorgeous beach between them, but you can shuttle between the two all-inclusive family resorts at no cost. Families love the condo-style digs at both, and large families or multigenerational groups can take advantage of spacious three-bedroom suites for up to eight guests.

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Whichever Ocean Club all-inclusive resort you choose, you can take advantage of stand-up paddle boards, tennis courts, kayaks, a fitness center, gas grills, bikes, and low-key entertainment options like books and DVDs. The family resort’s concierge can set you up with activities such as fishing, scuba diving, sailing, and other adventures.

There are children’s menus at each of the restaurants and kid-friendly spots around all the pools. Raise the fun level with complimentary beach toys. The resorts’ family perks include cribs, roll-a-way beds, baby monitors, strollers, and highchairs. And when kids check in, they get an interactive exploration game kit that helps them identify native indigenous plants and species found at Ocean Club and win prizes.

3. Blue Haven Resort – Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

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One of the newest and most secluded Turks and Caicos all-inclusive family resorts,Blue Havenis a waterfront property where kids 12 and under can stay, eat, and play for free. And with just 45 studios, suites, and penthouses, you don’t have to worry about mega crowds.

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During the day, you can kayak, stand up paddle board, bike, play tennis, take off in a catamaran, or jump for joy on the water trampoline. Make your way to the swim up pool bar and take in the sea from the infinity pool overlooking the beach.

Nighttime means gathering around fire pits and outdoor lounges. Dine at Fire and Ice, an indoor-outdoor restaurant with ocean views, where depending on the theme of the night you might find a Caribbean buffet on the beach, Tex-Mex, or a seafood feast.And you can shuttle between Blue Haven and its sister property, Alexandra Resort, to enjoy both properties.

4. Alexandra Resort– Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

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Kids stay free at Alexandra Resortjust like they do at its sister property on Providenciales, Blue Haven. In addition to the water sports offered at Blue Haven, for an additional fee at either resort you can take lessons for sailing, kiteboarding, and sailing. Other extras include SUP Yoga, a guided sailing tour with snorkeling, and a guided mangrove tour. Golfers will love that 10 minutes away they can hit the links at Provo Golf Club, one of the top championship courses in the Caribbean.

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Dining rocks at Alexandra Resort too. Options include Fish Deck, a beachside eatery specializing in seafood; Jerky’s, a beach hut that serves up grilled jerk chicken and other island goodies; and Sole, where you eat al fresco on the beach.

5. The Sands at Grace Bay– Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

5 Best Turks and Caicos All-Inclusive Family Resorts (2022) - FamilyVacationist (5)

Perfect for families on vacation with toddlers, thisTurks and Caicos all-inclusive (and all-suite) family resort will make you feel right at home with its full-sized kitchens, dining and living areas, washer and dryer, roll-away crib, high chairs, and pack-and-plays. Suites can be connected to give some much-needed breathing room for large and multigenerational families or groups too.

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When it’s time to play, The Sands at Grace Bay also has three swimming pools connected by canals and interspersed with hot tubs. Things to do includes kayaking, snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, board games, dominoes, Hobie Cats, bicycles, tennis, and basketball. Babysitting is available when you need a break.

For a special treat, mothers and daughters can enjoy the Mommy and Me Little Mermaid Package at the resort’s Spa Tropique, which includes a spa manicure and pedicure for mom, a child’s mermaid mani-pedi, and hair braiding or wrapping. If you want to be sure you leave with at least one standout photo, go for the Sands Portrait Special, a professional photo shoot of the family during the daytime or sunset.

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Where is the best part of the island to stay in Turks and Caicos? ›

Most of the best places to stay in Turks and Caicos are on Providenciales, the liveliest of the islands. Providenciales is well-known for sublime 12-mile Grace Bay Beach, which is lined with chic resorts, and offers an appealing choice of bars and restaurants.

Is Turks and Caicos a good place for family vacation? ›

With warm, crystal-clear, turquoise water backing one of the world's most beautiful beaches; snorkeling in reefs that are swimming distance from shore; and a plethora of family resorts with kid-friendly amenities; the islands of Turks and Caicos are a popular family vacation destination.

How much is a family vacation to Turks and Caicos? ›

All-Inclusive Beaches Turks and Caicos
Beaches Resort - All-inclusive
Low Season Rates - 1 Week for 2 Adults$8400
High Season Rates - 1 Week for 2 Adults$11000
Low Season Rates - 1 Week for Family of 4$9400
High Season Rates - 1 Week stay for Family of 4$16000
9 Jul 2022

What does all-inclusive mean in Turks and Caicos? ›

For Turks and Caicos Collection, “All Inclusive” means enjoying the entire collection when you book to stay at one. So whether you choose to lay your head at Alexandra Resort, Beach House, or Blue Haven Resort, you will have full access to each of the other properties for dining, drinking, beach activities, and more.

Which side of Turks and Caicos is best? ›

Over time, Turks and Caicos have become a synonym for luxury tourism, with Grace Bay as the best area to stay. The most top-notch hotels and trendy resorts are situated at the magnificent, seven-mile-long Grace Bay Beach.

Where do celebs stay in Turks? ›

The exclusive all-inclusive resorts on Providenciales, Parrot Cay, and Pine Cay are favorites with the rich and famous, yet the expansive private rental mansions have also become popular as well.

Do you need passport for Turks and Caicos? ›

Entry, Exit and Visa Requirements

A valid passport is required for entry and exit. Visit the website of the Turks and Caicos Immigration Department for the most current visa information. The nearest emergency U.S. passport facility is located in Nassau, The Bahamas.

Is Turks and Caicos teen friendly? ›

Beaches Turks and Caicos might be one of the best all inclusives for teens. It has everything they would want in a vacation, and everything parents want as well.

How do you get to Turks & Caicos? ›

Getting to Grand Turk by Plane

All scheduled international flights into the Turks and Caicos arrive at the Providenciales International Airport (PLS). You'll need to take a domestic flight from Providenciales to get to Grand Turk. Two local airlines offer regular flights: Caicos Express Airways and interCaribbean.

Where does Kylie stay in Turks and Caicos? ›

The Tranquility Villa is a highly exclusive celebrity holiday home run by the luxury rental company, The Source, whose impressive property portfolio covers the exclusive Grace Bay in Turks Caicos and stretches across the Caribbean.

How do you get around in Turks and Caicos? ›

The best way to get around Turks & Caicos is either by car or taxi. There is no public transportation on the islands, and as the attractions, restaurants and hotels are spread out, walking is not an option. You can rent a car at the Providenciales International Airport (PLS) on Provo.

Do you need vaccinations to go to Turks and Caicos? ›

You must have received your final dose of an approved vaccine course at least 14 days prior to arrival or entry will be denied. Proof of vaccination is either a digital or paper record which must be presented on arrival.

Is Turks and Caicos worth visiting? ›

Today, the island offers some great beaches and fascinating historical sights. The country's only cruise ship port is located on Grand Turk. The quiet islands of Salt Cay and South Caicos are perfect for travelers looking for a laid-back and authentic experience.

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