10 Spider-Man Villains Fans Want to See in the MCU (2022)

Spider-Man has accumulated quite the repertoire of villains throughout the years. Between heavy hitters such as Green Goblin and Doc Ock, or more B-list foes such as Shocker and Vulture, the wallcrawling webhead always has someone to fight. While audiences have been able to see many of these iconic antagonists on the big screen, there are still more than a few that need to make their MCU debut.

After the most recent Spider-Man venture, Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans have been left wondering what's next for Peter Parker. More specifically, audiences are wondering who he'll have to fight next. Although No Way Home featured five villains from the previous five films, there are still plenty of foes left ready to take a swing at Spidey.



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After bonding with an alien symbiote, disgraced reporter Eddie Brock becomes the monstrous Venom and vows to kill Spider-Man. He possesses all of Peter’s abilities, as well as the ability to cancel out Peter’s spider-sense.

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Venom has already been in multiple films, yet has not been properly introduced in the MCU as an antagonist to Spider-Man. However, after Tom Hardy’s Venom made a brief cameo in No Way Home, fans are eager for the symbiote to bond with Peter. The post-credit scene of No Way Home sets up for a potential sequel involving the symbiote, so hopefully, fans won’t have to wait too long to see this confrontation.


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While he has teamed up with others in the past, Kraven often works alone. He is a master tactician, as well as possessing superhuman strength and speed, heightened senses, and a variety of traps.

An upcoming Kraven the Hunter solo film will be set in the same universe as Venom and Morbius, so as of right now, it will not be tied into the MCU. Seeing Kraven face off against Tom Holland’s Spider-Man however, is something fans have been clamoring for since the release of Far From Home. Now that Peter’s identity has been erased, he can finally form his own antagonists instead of fighting the remnants of Tony Stark’s. What better way to showcase this change than pitting Spider-Man against one of his deadliest and most personal foes?


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In the comics, Chameleon was the first true villain that Spider-Man ever fought. Not long after the death of Uncle Ben, Chameleon disguises himself using a variety of rubber masks to rob a bank.

Introducing Chameleon now would be a bit out of place, seeing as how Peter has already had an identity crisis storyline in live-action. There are rumors and theories that Chameleon will be the main antagonist of the upcoming animated show, Spider-Man Freshman Year. While being animated, this will still be canon to the MCU, and having a B-list villain such as Chameleon would be a perfect choice for a 14-year-old Spider-Man.


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There have been multiple different iterations of the Spider-Slayers in the comics. Created by Spencer Smythe, these mechanical hunters were designed to track and kill the wall-crawler. While later iterations were AI, the first few were piloted by none other than J. Jonah Jameson, who also funded the creation of the slayers.

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Now that J. Jonah Jameson has been introduced in the MCU, played by J.K. Simmons himself, the time to introduce the Spider-Slayers has never been riper. After acquiring newfound wealth and fans in No Way Home, JJJ now has the resources to pool into developing the elaborate spider-catching robots known as the Spider-Slayers. Having a persistent and public threat like the Slayers would push Peter to his limits, especially if paired with a psychological villain like Kraven or Chameleon.


Jackal is a lesser-known Spider-Man rouge, despite him being the main cause of the creation of the fan-favorite Scarlet Spider. Originally just a man, biochemist Miles Warren gives himself superhuman abilities through various experiments that enhance his strength and alter his appearance. After blaming Spider-Man for the death of Gwen Stacy, he attempts to clone Peter, eventually creating Ben Riley.

If the MCU were to introduce Jackal, he would be utilized best as a background antagonist. Having him slowly enact his plans to clone Peter and create an army of Spider-Men would be a perfect rising threat that could come to a head at the end of the new trilogy. Not only could Jackal be a physical threat for Peter, but mental as well through the creation of Ben.


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Scorpion has a horrendous costume and has constantly been used as a punching bag by Spider-Man since his inception. However, that’s not to say he can’t be done justice in other forms of media outside the comics. In Spider-Man PS4, he sports a poison-tipped tail and a more mechanized suit, as well as retaining his super strength and agility.

Since 2017, fans have been wondering when Scorpion will fully be brought into live-action. After being lightly teased at the end of Homecoming, audiences have yet to see Mac Gargan in his iconic green suit. Now that Peter’s identity has been erased and Vulture has been transported to the Sony Universe, it seems unlikely that we’ll see him anytime soon.


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Not to be confused with Morbius, Morlun is an interdimensional vampire who seeks to drain the life of all the Spider-Men in the multiverse. He and his band of hunters, known as the Inheritors, have superhuman strength, speed, immortality, flight, and can absorb the life force of anyone they come in contact with. Despite “dying” multiple times since his introduction, Morlun consistently finds ways to stay alive.

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Adapting Morlun into live-action would be incredibly difficult, as we just got a multiverse Spider-Man movie, and his appearance would require years of setup. That being said, it is unlikely we’ll see him anytime soon, as the MCU’s Spider-Man seems to be moving in the direction of more character-focused, smaller stories (which I am personally in favor of.)


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While multiple people have taken up the mantle of Hobgoblin, the most famous name is Ned Leeds. While Leeds was technically brainwashed in the comics to become him, he remains to be the most famous alter ego of Hobgoblin.

Hobgoblin has technically been teased for three movies now with the inclusion of Ned Leeds in the MCU. In his latest appearance, Ned even wore a jacket throughout No Way Home with the classic color scheme of Hobgoblin. However, given that Ned has been portrayed as a lovable, innocent high school kid for the past five years, having him become Hobgoblin immediately would be an ill-advised and insensible choice. Regardless, now that the Green Goblin is no longer a player in the MCU, the inclusion of Hobgoblin could fill the role of Peter’s greatest foe.

Molton Man

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Initially an assistant to Spencer Smythe, Mark Raxton gained his powers after attempting to steal a container of liquid alloy from his boss. Once it coated his skin, the alloy gave him superstrength, as well as a sensitivity to magnets and electronics. As time went on, his hard exterior began to break down, giving way to his new flame powers. While these flame abilities provided an extra challenge for Peter, they were also slowly killing Raxton, as his skin was literally consuming itself.

Molton Man was initially thought to be in Far From Home until it is revealed an hour in that the fire elemental was just an elaborate illusion caused by Mysterio. While just a low-level villain, he poses a great physical threat to Peter. Having him deteriorate throughout the film would be an interesting spin as well, going from his classic golden man look to his flaming appearance from later comics.


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Although his appearance has changed over the years, Rhino remains to be one of Spider-Man’s strongest foes. Originally, the Rhino was covered in a layer of artificial skin, completely bulletproof and nearly impenetrable. As time has gone on, he has shifted into becoming a man inside a mechanical Rhino suit. Despite this shift, Rhino is still more than a match for Peter, at least physically.

Other than holding the boat together in Homecoming, we haven’t seen much of Peter’s super strength in the MCU. Rhino far exceeds Peter’s strength, however, forcing him to have to utilize his intelligence to take down the animalistic brute. That being said, seeing Spider-Man finally let loose with all his strength against an opponent would be a sight worth seeing.

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